July 02

Back when I lived in CA, we use to frequent this amazing boba place called Tastea.  Every summer, they had a seasonal drink called Watermelon Heaven. It had chunks of watermelon in the blended  mix and mashed to perfection. I lived for that drink. Now that I’m here in Hotlanta [right now it really is Hotlanta], all I’ve been craving for is cold juices and ice cream. We got a HUGE watermelon along with large boxes of fruit from Costco last night and I just didn’t have any room in my kitchen to store all this fruit. I youtubed some different ways to make watermelon juice, but this one by FullyRawKristina [you can view the video to see how she does it] is the one that I thought was the best. She uses herbs to infuse into her watermelon drink, and I so happy to grow all those herbs in abundance on my balcony!

By the way, I still have no idea how to tell if a watermelon is good and ripe. Please leave a comment to help me out!


How I made this: Amine helped me cut the watermelon into small bite sized pieces. We then threw them into my Ninja blender until it was all juice. Then I strained the juice out into this pitcher filled with herbs I picked from my garden [I choose a lot of mint and thai basil]. Once filled, I put it in the freezer to get it to ice up a bit. Give it about an hour or so, and then enjoy! I think I’ll serve this the next time I have a small dinner party!

Note: Make as much as possible and stick it in the freezer for fast coldness and slight icing. It goes SUPER fast once people get a taste of it!

2nd Note: Seedless watermelon is much easier since you just cut the watermelon and throw it in the blender.