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louis vuitton the journey tv commercial circa 2008
the journey is not a trip, nor a vacation .
it is a process . a discovery . 
a self discovery
bringing us face to face with ourselves
to show us not only the world
but also how we fit in it
does the person create the journey
or does the journey create the person?
the journey is life itself
where will life take you?

April 22

I’ve heard a million versions of this song, and tons from Jason himself, but this clip is one of my favorites because it’s clean, clear, and just plain awesome.

April 09

Watch this whole video. It’s one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time.
The Machine is Changing Us – Michael Wesch

March 02

Yu-Na Kim, the reigning World Champion, also known as the Queen, is a S. Korean figure skater who just won the Gold Medal in the Vancouver Olympics. She is one of my favorite athletes to watch and I think she is absolutely gorgeous!!! Although some of my girl friends disagree, she reminds me of a young Gong Li [whom i think is the most elegant woman in the world]…one look can make your heart flutter. I’ve shown this clip to everyone that’s online chatting with me, so i think it’s about time i blog about her. Below is the video clip of the 007 Medley she did for the short program. She nails everything with precision, the jumps, the speed, and even the little nuances of sensuality!

I think I watched this clip about 100 times in the last 3 days. I saw her short program live on TV, and searched all over youtube to find the exact program. I hate NBC and their copyright crap, but thankfully, I was able to find this HD clip of the best short program skate I’ve ever seen.

This is the same 007 Medley skate, but they slow down her best parts, so I think it’s worth a watch as well.

February 26

My friend Michelle has been harping about my former short hair, and looking at short do’s all over the net. However, I still want to keep my long hair and didn’t get on the wagon…until tonight. The ZDX Acura commercial was on TV, and Karolina’s hair completely struck me. I cut my hair insanely short 3 years ago, but it’s grown back to be long past my shoulder blades. If I were to go that short again, I’d want this exact cut! If you want to see the whole commercial, here is the ZDX Exclamation video.
December 28

This version of O Holy Night may be my favorite of all the versions. Celine Dion never fails to amaze me. I know I know, it’s Celine Dion, but I still really like her. Her voice is vibrates through me and I have quite a long list of her songs in my faves.

o holy night – celine dion

However, nothing beats Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You.

Every Christmas mass since I was a baby, I’d hear this song Hang Belem. My grandfather taught it to me as a baby and I never forgot it. It’s very dear to my heart because it was the first song I learned completely and sang it all the time when I was 3. If it’s not sung during Viet xmas mass, I throw a fit. I can’t find a nice version on youtube, but this clip is from a church choir in Australia. It’s pretty much how it would sound in church with the laity so I like it.

December 15

Audrey Tatou is the new face of Chanel Np. 5 and here is the full commercial. I love EVERY SINGLE one of her outfits, but I especially love the black pantsuit she’s wearing at the end. I WANT IT.

Song: Billie Holiday’s I’m a Fool to Want You

April 29

I’m blogging this song because

  1. I keep loosing the link
  2. i keep listening to it and
  3. it’s an awesome song.

Peter Bjorn + John – Lay It Down (Golden Filter Remix)