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Some travel pictures of San Francisco. We spent the weekend walking through a lot of the city, and played Ingress, Google’s intriguing augmented-reality game. It’s a game that is still in Beta mode I believe, so you can only play by invite right now. Essentially, the game makes you walk around the city on a semi scavenger hunt for public art and monuments. Once you find the item, you’re supposed to claim it by taking energy from it….if you have enough power to take it! Since we’re level 1, and didn’t have enough power to take a lot of stuff, but it was really fun trying to find each item as we were walking through the city. We even found one at our favorite cafe called Cafe Prague! I think we walked easily over 10 miles this weekend…and we got lifts from our friends, taxis, and the metro often too!

The first set here is in black & white. In the hotel we were staying in, there were a lot of black and white photos of the city from years back. That inspired me to take some architecture and city photos while we were walking, and the photos were my inspiration


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June 19

We took an impromtu road trip to Savannah on Monday and I’m so happy we finally got to see this amazing town. As the oldest city in the Georgia, Savannah still holds on to most of its history in its architecture, in the large oak trees with Spanish moss, and the wrought iron structures that came from all over the world. We ate so much good food and I yelped about it all here at Debby L.   I also made a list of all the places I went to in Savannah so you can check it out here. If you ever get a chance to see Savannah, be sure to walk through all the little niches and you’ll discover some amazing local artists, hole in the wall Caribbean food, and memories to last a lifetime.

 Forsyth Park is a great place to set up a picnic on a warm day, sit under the oak trees and people watch!




The Paris Market in the Historic District has amazing old Parisian things for sale. The outside decor completely caught my eye and I had to make a run through the store  to see what they had, and also grab a macaroon or two! They also have a really cute coffee area inside the market and if I didn’t JUST come from Coffee Fox across the street, I would have stopped in for some coffee here! It’s bookmarked for the next time I’m in Savannah!







The Coffee Fox has great quiches and coffee! We tried the Mexican Mocha and the Horchata Latte. Both are amazingly tasty.


Gotta stop at Paula Dean’s place and see what it’s all about! Butter, of course.







Finding old and new friends



Alligator Soul is one of those restaurants where you tell your facebook friends that you’re going to Savannah, and immediately everyone says Alligator Soul. I ran into a girlfriend at the waxing parlor in Atlanta, and told her I was taking the next few days to go to Savannah. She is pregnant and constantly has pregnant brain….but not when it comes to Alligator Soul! This place did not disappoint at all. The oysters a la soul are something to be reckoned with. The habanero sauce that accompanies the dish brings it just to another level. The Hilbo sauce is the chef’s signature, and it is incorporated into many of the dishes like the ribeye and lamb.


Candy stores are all over the Historical District, so we stopped by the River Street Sweets near our hotel. The praline bites are made in house, fresh, and they let you sample a piece as soon as you walk in. They are quite addicting so don’t be shocked if you walk out with a fresh bag of them to take home!




Hueys on the River is a must do for breakfast brunch. They are located on the riverfront, so you can walk through the whole strip to shop, buy souvenirs, get ice cream…and then have brunch here. The parmesan garlic grits are some of the best I’ve ever had, and the crab cake benedict is hands down my favorite benedict thus far.



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January 29

The infamous Breaking Bad shot that I came up with right before we got to New Mexico. When I proposed the shot to Amine and showed him the picture, he not only said yes to the idea….but he also had 99% of the things we needed for the shoot! The only thing missing were some whitey tighties, so we made a quick stop to Walmart! Here is one, if not the best, photo of the trip:


Our last glimpse of the Pacific Ocean for awhile in San Diego, California


Benson, Arizona



Welcome to New Mexico


German food pit stop in Tucson, Arizona




White Sands National Monument, New Mexico








A Breaking Bad moment 😉


I found my old school gas station!




January 26

Our road trip from California to Georgia this January was pretty amazing. We stopped in San Diego to catch a last glimpse of the Pacific Ocean for awhile, stopped in Tucson Arizona for a night, and ended up staying at the White Sands National Monument in Alomongordo, New Mexico for 3 days and 2 nights because we loved it so much. The white sands here are mesmerizing, and we decided to experience the sunset twice before going on to Texas.

































Pojangles of the #shabooms traveling caravan











March 10

Went skiing for the first time in about 2 years today. Like riding a bicycle. I went with some great people and also got to meet some new great people. We went to the local mountains here in Southern California, Mountain High Ski Resort and enjoyed a perfect day of skiing/snowboarding.






















February 18

On Thursday and Friday, we set out to see as much of the sites outside as possible since it was sunny out. We knew that Saturday and Sunday would be rainy and cold, so we walked as much of the Mall as possible. I was quite impressed with us walking the whole rectangle of the Mall, visiting the Washington Monument first [we couldn’t get in from the reconstruction still going on], the whole length of the Reflecting Pool, to the Lincoln Memorial. We sat on the steps for awhile, soaking in the beauty of the Capitol [and taking a rest stop from all that walking!].

It was so hot by the time we got to the bottom of Lincoln Memorial. I was peeling off layers and sweating up a storm when we took this picture! I got someone standing nearby to take the pics of us, and my friends helped take pics of me at the Vietnam Memorial.


these awesome bikes are for rent all over the city


hanging out at the Lincoln Memorial steps



Vietnam Memorial


dc049 dc051


World War II Memorial is beautiful


dc076 dc077  dc118



The Korean War Memorial

dc070 dc071  dc073 dc074

the geese of the National Mall



in front of the Smithsonian Institute

 washington monument. I had to do something different.

 love this beautiful couple

 Walked right by the American Bar Association…which reminds me that dues are coming up. =(



 Lincoln Memorial at night is my favorite



February 18

I finally got tickets to see the US Capitol. We did the tour inside, and then went to the East side of the Capitol to take some pictures. Because it was so cold, coupled with President’s day holiday, there were barely any people in front. I took advantage of the space, made a makeshift tripod from my gloves, and set up the self timer.

dc091 dc092 dc093 dc094 dc095 dc096



January 24

In Nepal, we decided to head out of Thamel and see Swayumbhunath, also known as Monkey Temple. The temple is outside the city, so we taxied out. It dropped us off at the bottom of the hill and we looked up at a thousand steps. The walk up Swayambhunath was quite fun.  There are monkeys are everywhere! They are not afraid of humans at all, and the locals actually have to scare some of them off because  they flock around so much. On the way down the steps, a dad was carrying his little girl, and a mama monkey lost her baby, so she jumped on the dad’s back and started shrieking. Although I’m a giant fan of monkeys and all that fun, I do NOT want one shrieking on my back!

At the top of the temple, we walked around taking pictures of the monks and the landscape. A lot of pilgrims come to pray here, and butter lamps are lit around the temple. We got there late in the day, and got to see the sunset from the top, which was one of the most beautiful and relaxing days in Kathmandu. The colors are just perfect, and I was happy that I brought my book Eat, Pray, Love to read. The book, the city, the temple, and the sunset were the perfect combination, and I sat there for almost an hour soaking it all in.


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