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March 16

I am extremely loyal to Nordstrom, and when I saw these Jessica Simpsom pumps on sale at Macy’s, I ran over to Nordstrom to see if they would match the price. Of course they did! The service at Nordys is amazing. Read more …


I’m currently sitting on a Blue Star Ferry boat on the Aegean Sea. Amazing what the power of satellite technology can do nowadays. I’m so connected to the world, and yet so DISCONNECTED. 
I just finished editing Turkey and posting so I started on some of Greece. We have been in Athens for a few days, but haven’t done much. The last time I was in Greece, it was 2003 for our study abroad/backpacking trip. Last time, we did the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and some other ruins. This time, we just chilled out, shopped, ate, and tried to find a way to get to the islands in the middle of winter.
These boots are replacing the other H&M booties I’ve been living in. The other booties are a velvetlike material and they get wet the minute it starts to drizzle. These are leather and will keep the rain out somewhat better, but still look stylish with my constant tights. They are not the most comfortable yet…still breaking them in…but they remind me of the wicked witch of the west shoes. Love them for that.

I also tried on this cute lace dress from H&M but I didn’t get it. I needed one size smaller, but they didn’t have it. If i see it in Paris or another H&M in my size, I think i’ll grab it…it would be interesting to pair with my new wicked witch shoes. *_*

August 03
Both of these were on sale! The grendha jelly are surprisingly cute and comfy on. They’re made in Brazil, so I’m hoping that if i wear these in Asia, i won’t get the sandal tan, being clear and all….the taryn rose pair is super pretty and amazingly comfy as well. Vero Cuoio sandals half off? sold.
taryn rose gold sandals
grendha jelly clear sandals
July 08
Gloomy skies make me want to wear grey all the time. Although it’s overcast, I love this weather for a few reasons. 1) I’m stuck inside from 9 am to at least 9 pm, so you bummin’ lazy summer people can suffer somewhat with me, 2) the gloom makes me focus more on my studies by not wanting to go outside for some fresh air and sun, and 3) when i did get a chance to snap these pics this morning, it makes for great photography lighting!

oh, and in case you were wondering, i haven’t watered my lawn in ages bc the sprinklers are broken, and the reflection in my aviators is my air conditioner thingamajig covered in cobwebs. I’m not a good housewife during the bar.

my favorite aviators from aldo

Every single one of my shades are from Aldo. I love the accessories they carry!!! Since I throw them around everywhere and loose my sunglasses constantly, I don’t feel bad about manhandling Aldo shades because they are insanely cheap [$12] and feel awesome!!!! When they go bad, it’s an excuse to purchase the next set of fun shades. I want to protect these, however, because it is so hard to find the perfect pair of aviators. These are men’s size, but they are my absolute aviators yet, so i purchased an awesome yellow case to protect them for only $5 at the outlet!

These boots are pull up, but they have this clasp in the back that’s so pretty and unique…but not very comfortable when you want to cross your legs. I ended up taking them off to sit indian style to study for the rest of the day. *_*

hand me down shaw, wifebeater, random tights, grey suede over the knee suede boots, aldo aviators

May 11
I’ve been on the lookout for a cute shoulder clutch for graduation. I was super picky because (1) it needed to be slim to not show under my graduation robe, (2) hold my mobile, lip gloss, and some small munchies, (3) still looks classy. We browsed through Forever, H&M, and even Wet Seal for a cheap useful one, but to no avail. In Zara, I found this one, and it hit the spot. My friend got one too because it was just too perfect!

And the dress? TJ Maxx! I went into get some workout clothes [I do not believe in spending insane amounts of money on something I’m going to sweat profusely in, and wash everyday!] and spotted this dress on the way in. Tried it on, and it was so comfy, pretty, and cheap! Had to get it.

Was i kicking my photographer? hahah nope! he just caught me in motion, falling backwards to be exact!

dress from tj maxx, nine west gold ballet flats, zara shoulder clutch

a close up with my new favorite bracelet

On another note, I am one final and one paper away from graduation. I spent today memorizing remedies, and do not want to finish this!! Took a break for this post, but it’s time to get back to work! Final is at 9 am! ciao!
April 13
This outfit is the best description of my closet. Nautical in striped shirts, navy blue pants, and gorgeous buttons, I have about a hundred different variations of these things. Here is one. Lillian always says, “you need to own a yacht with that kind of closet,” I may not have a yacht, but I do have a red car named Nemo to complete my outfit! When I told my friend that I was doing a nautical outfit post, he told me to find Nemo. I laughed, but then … isn’t Nemo a great name…for my car?!!

An took these pics for me. We had trouble getting a good angle because I wanted the red to be a large powerful color. It rained today so Nemo is disgustingly dirty and spotty. However, these photos came out better than i expected, even with the mistaken tungsten white balance.

Zara high waisted pants, Zara striped shirt, DSW heels
March 27

We went to Bacchus, a wine cellar in the depths of Irvine tonight, and I have to say, I am quite impressed with the wine selection. The WAC [Wine Appreciation Club] field trip was basically a huge success!! We ordered food as well, but most of the food comes from the restaurants surrounding the wine bar, and they are just ok, nothing worth mentioning. However, the selection of wine does deserve some recognition. On my last trip to Napa with the girls, we tried to get an appointment at Orin Swift but was unable to get in. They have the coveted Prisoner here as well as the Papillon. I also got a flight tasting of a pinot noir from Tuscany that I’ll have to get the name of later. Read Yelp reviews here.

food and tons of wine…what more can i girl want?

picking my next bottle…

rhett checking out the potential bottles to purchase

Crostini flight with bruschetta, olive tapenade, smoked salmon, and mushroom with goat cheese

the back part of the cellar for the more private party

when we were still civil and orderly

Onto the outfit post. I took these pics right before I left for the cellar when the sun was still out, so I was thinking ahead!! This black sweater dress is a little late for fall, but the nights can still be chilly, so I am still pulling it out! My favorite part of this dress is, of course, the shoulders! My mom would love this because the shoulder pads are back and i am sporting these strong shoulders with bold fuchsia platform heels to the max! When i got to Bacchus, my friend Michelle told me at least 3 times during the night that I look like my mum…I wonder if I showed this dress to mom, would she take it and not give it back…

h&m black studded sweater dress; jessica simpson fuchsia heels, aldo clutch, h&m earrings

March 09

Spring break is here and i’m leaving for seattle for a few days! We are expecting some rain, so I’m packing a lot of layers. I tend to pack as lightly as possible, but since this is a fun trip with the girls, I’m bringing some fun dresses and heels as well. Sweaters and beanies are a must, but I’m keeping my colors to grays and blacks with splashes of color here and there.

Packing tip: I wear my heavier items [thicker sweaters and boots] on the plane and pack the rest. Since I’m leaving early in the morning, and hitting the ground running, I want to be prepared for the rain!

Stay tuned for Seattle pics!