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We all signed up for the Color Fun Fest 5k at Turner Field here in Atlanta. The day was beautiful, but the race didn’t start until 7 pm. We went to an early dinner of delicious pho and then headed over to the field. On the way there, thunder erupted, followed by the biggest downpour we’ve ever seen. Our spirits were still high, attempting to keep the kids still amped for the 5k…but the rain literally beat down on us. We arrived to the very empty parking lot, gathered up the courage and energy to run out into the rain and throw color everywhere as if we had finished the whole 5K!

I really think we would have ran the whole race instead of just the first part if it wasn’t getting so cold and we didn’t want the kids to get sick. Nonetheless, everyone was in good spirits jumping in puddles and getting soaked in the rain!



































Happy Birthday to one of the best girls I know. I’ve known Tamara for over 10 years, and now that I’m in Atlanta close by her, we get to hang out all the time. Her husband threw a great poker party with her closest friends and we all had the best time learning / playing poker. We have to do this more often even when there are no birthdays! The pictures are a hot mess and combination of everyone grabbing my camera throughout the night, but I did manage to snap some fun pics since Amine brought over the rope lights to hang out on the balcony while we smoked some arguileh.


 anyone going to sing me a birthday song? 😉




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March 03

The most awesomous kid ever Sukaina just turned 9 and she  requested to have a moustache birthday party this year. It was a great idea, and we all had a great time with all the sticky moustaches, the photo booth, and eating the huge moustache cake!





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October 05

Zain just turned 3 years old when I was in Atlanta this September. I was so happy to be there this year, as I saw the pictures from his Transformers party last year and missed them so much! Tamara always has the decorations up and this year, there was an amazing bounce house too! I wasn’t commissioned to photograph this, and I wish I could be outside longer to photograph them in the bounce house…but I was too busy socializing with the mommies inside and I was bitten to pieces every time I step foot outside without a long sleeve on. Anyways, here are the pics I did manage to capture.




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This was shot before the commission, but the setting was so beautiful I couldn’t help it. I had just gotten my new 5D Mark III and just wanted to play with it. I’m stunned by the quality of this camera, but even more so, the kids were just feeling it that day. I can’t wait to document more of this family each year.







This image was actually taken by a 6 year old. Put the settings for her, and told her to put the square on my face, hold down part way, and snap. She did just that. Hello to my future 2nd shooter.



July 31

And off to the beach we all went. The whole caravan trooped to Laguna to enjoy the rest of the day and sunset on the sands. I’m really really happy with some of the portraits I captured. These moments are special, and I’m so honored to have the opportunity to capture them.




















July 29

So I’ve photographed the Mourad family a few times before because..duh, they’re awesome. But THIS time, it’s official! I was actually commissioned by Ali to do a family photoshoot. I picked the Lab [the Anti-Mall] because I have been wanting to shoot there for awhile now, but never had the opportunity. Tamara loved the idea because she likes the urban setting. We later headed to the beaches since Ali liked the beachy setting more. The kids were full of spunk and energy the whole time, but they get that energy from their parents. Ali came up with the idea to boost Zain to the metal bars, but that stunt soon pulled the rest of the family to join in. These are my favorites from the first part of the shoot.






















July 22

Just look at this face!!!! After a day filled with friends, pooltime, and fro yo, I would be this tired too!

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