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July 25
some images that made me smile today
April 12

The wingback chair is one of my favorite types of chairs for a living room offset or a library. I saw this one on Lonny magazine [which has an AMAZING site], and I instantly started to swoon.

This Massoud wingback is gorgeous as well. I can see this in my library with a dark shady lamp by its side to read! On the other hand, this Wilshire Wingback by Woodson and Rummerfield is just bizarre, but strangely fun. I think I would put that by a matching accent hall table…

I stumbled upon Coco + Kelly via Atlantis Home and immediately fell in love with the blog. I try to restrain from looking at interior designer blogs because I go nuts from lack of my own home to decorate, but sometimes, I just can’t help it! Cassandra just has the ability to find the best inspirations to share, and I find myself clicking on one post after another, craving for more.

I browsed through her Rooms of the Week and found about a million great inspirations. This room tour caught my eye the most. The green is absolutely stunning, and I can see it on my balcony or patio or even backyard. I recently picked up 2 amazing wicker chairs from Craigslist and on the lookout for a matching table, so this is right in line with my vision for a perfect outdoor scene.

March 02

Yu-Na Kim, the reigning World Champion, also known as the Queen, is a S. Korean figure skater who just won the Gold Medal in the Vancouver Olympics. She is one of my favorite athletes to watch and I think she is absolutely gorgeous!!! Although some of my girl friends disagree, she reminds me of a young Gong Li [whom i think is the most elegant woman in the world]…one look can make your heart flutter. I’ve shown this clip to everyone that’s online chatting with me, so i think it’s about time i blog about her. Below is the video clip of the 007 Medley she did for the short program. She nails everything with precision, the jumps, the speed, and even the little nuances of sensuality!

I think I watched this clip about 100 times in the last 3 days. I saw her short program live on TV, and searched all over youtube to find the exact program. I hate NBC and their copyright crap, but thankfully, I was able to find this HD clip of the best short program skate I’ve ever seen.

This is the same 007 Medley skate, but they slow down her best parts, so I think it’s worth a watch as well.

February 04

Recently, facebook has been doing doppelgangers. The word “doppelgänger” has come to refer (as in German) to any double or look alike of a person. I couldn’t think of anyone for a whole day, but then Gong Li’s image showed up on Netflix when i was browsing through movies. I don’t think I look SO much like her, but she is so beautiful that I would strive to! My mom carries a lot of the same features. Both have the porcelain face, soft and elegant, with doe eyes and fuller lips. Since I resemble my mom in certain pictures when I’m not grinning or tan, I think Gong Li is the celebrity that matches me the most.

I chose this one as my doppelganger, but the two images after that are really stunning from the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris.

Her style is so different and unique. Everytime she does a red carpet, i have to see what she’s wearing.
Sometimes its a hit, and other times, not as much. This outfit I absolutely adore.
All the same, she carries an Eastern front elegance that I absolutely love..

January 12

le love

November 30

We are only this young for so many twisted nights.
I want you to have them.
I want you to have it.
Why am I crying, and
Why am I afraid to say
I love you? You know I do.

le love

October 31

The Yelp event at the Museum of Latin American Art [MoLAA] was fantastic. They showcased these belly dancing fire dancers known as Sirena Serpentina and I went into a photographic frenzy. Leanne and Paul of Sargeant Photography were also there taking pictures, but I couldn’t help taking so many of my own. Mine are taken on a Canon G10 on ISO of 800 and 1600, and I switched off between AV and P settings. We were all over the floor in the front row, snapping away at the amazing images that these girls made with the fire and their bodies. Here are a few of my favorites…

September 04

Everyone knows this image. It’s the infamous Afghan Girl, photographed by Steve McCurry. I stumbled onto his blog, but am much more impressed with his website images. The blog, however, does contain the stories as he is experiencing them, and they are fantastic. Although he has been all over the world 100 times over, he never ceases to see the life and beauty in each country and its people. His portraits are magnificent, and he is one of my favorite National Geographic photographers. My favorites are the Getting There and Faith galleries.

His recent trip to India to photograph the Ganesh Chaturthi festival looks amazing, but at a costly price. Since the people do not favor photography during the festival, they dunked his head underwater along with his camera and equipment. His assistant had the same fate. Such a shame to look all those images, but a few did survive. These are a few I was able to find on the net, but there are too many great ones to choose from. I may have to pick up his Portraits book for my library collection.