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October 29

Fall is here so the weather is crisp and just beautiful. We spent a day at Stone Mountain Park this past weekend. The pumpkin festival has been going on for weeks at Stone Mountain, but we finally made it out to catch the end tail of it.











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June 30

Summer walks on the Chattahoochee with a good cup of coffee and cute pet are the best. Bring a good book and chill out on the lawn of the coffee shop that borders the river too. I love this place, in all seasons!! People are starting to kayak, go tubing down the river, or just swim! chattahoochee36   chattahoochee32   chattahoochee33 Read more …

April 01

We discovered this trail recently. It’s right between the 75 and 85 freeway, this little bit of hidden sanctuary. It’s going to be a place we frequent this year because I really want to see the change of colors on these leaves from brown to green to full on blasts of color!

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This morning, we took a 5k walk around Dunwoody. It was 35 degrees outside, and some light sprinkling, but we were adamant on this walk. We’ve been telling ourselves that we need to do this every morning, but it’s so hard to get out of my comfy and warm bed. Not to mention it’s been FREEZING here in Atlanta! This past week warmed up a bit during the day, so I finished a lot of home projects. I even got 2 frames for my two most important paintings, and I feel like that have a flow with frame collecting now. Now that home projects are winding down [because I’m broke], the gym has to get back on my schedule. The walks help a lot of but I need more cardio, so I’m going to look for a zumba class stat!


Let me tell you about the trees and the birds…just kidding. I know nothing about these neck of the woods. I’m still in pleasant shock that I was basically “hiking” through the forest while in the city.