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lucky charms, amulets, mascot, juju, talisman… call it whatever you want, we got it. We picked up a few along the way, never on purpose. Each country has its own way of believing, and each amulet is different, but the meaning is all the same: to protect us from all evil.


I took these on my iphone. They were photoshopped on my iphone as well. I just discovered this feature and it’s so much fun. I took these on a walk around the Marais by the apartment. There is just too much fun stuff everywhere you walk in Paris, and the Marais is one of the best places to shop for unique items. I am not a fan of macaroons, but they are such fun to photograp. I bought a small hot chocolateat the chocolatierie below. It’s thick, dense, and really really delicious on a cold night.


Skulls are the fad now. I see them everywhere on blogs I read. This store in the Marais sells the most awesome rings for decent prices. Too bad I never look up to read the names of the stores, but no worries, there are plenty of them around the area. Just walk around and you are bound to find some fun stores no matter what.

Boutique shops thrive in the Marais. Metro stop St Paul is the main area…but in my neighborhood, I have a few favorites. Rue de Blanc Manteaux and Francois Bourgeouis are my favorite streets. The best boutiques with the best style for both men and women. I didn’t buy anything for myself [that’s rare], but my Italian roomie bought stuff I picked out for her [my inner stylist coming out]. Gorgeous jackets, cashmere sweaters, and beautiful accessories…all top of the line, all unique, and all distinctly Parisian.

December 13
Nike came to visit me in Paris!!!! I love this girl!!! In 2006, Nike was studying abroad at UCLA and we were roomies. Four years later, she is a successful banker, and I am still in crazy debt but finished with law school. How we’ve grown! She hasn’t been to Paris in 10 years, and we have an amazing apartment here, so we decided to met up a Paris!! Because of her, I have found the most perfect boutique Read more …
December 12

We tried to get into some free concerts at the American Church of Paris, but were unsuccessful. On the way back, we decided to walk through the Champs Elysees, Rue St Honere, and Rue de Rivoli so that Nike could see the city in all Christmas lighting glory. The Winter Village is in full swing now, and we stopped to buy gauffres, a waffle-like pastry sold o the streets of Paris, Russia, and other European countries. We got a gauffre nutella, gauffre chantilly, and a gauffree pomme. All three were delicious.

December 10
I chose Metro Opera/Haussman to stop because I love the view when you emerge from the metro. Opera Garnier is magnificent at any time of year. Metro Opera/Haussman comes up right in front of the opera, across the street, and makes you all happy when you come out. Behind the opera is Galleries Lafayette, which i posted about a few days ago. The Christmas spirit is everywhere, so shoppers local and foreign flock to the streets of rue st honore and rue de rivoli. I bought my Paris cape Read more …
December 09

We went on a walking tour of Paris with a local named Das. Paris has this program called Paris Greeter, and they employ volunteers who are all locals of Paris to give tours to anyone for free. We got Das, and since he lives near Montparnasse, we asked him to show us that area instead of the touristy spots. The program focuses on off-the-beaten-path places, so we loved the walking tour. We saw Montparnasse in a completely different light, found some new parks [Montsouris], and found streets where famous artists, writers, and politicians lived.

Lots of artists and writers lived on this street. It’s full of very old Read more …

December 07

My trip to the Galleries Lafayette. I walked all six floors of the Galleries, and was exhausted by the end. I got some really great pictures though, and the Christmas spirit is definitely in the air. Read more …