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Some travel pictures of San Francisco. We spent the weekend walking through a lot of the city, and played Ingress, Google’s intriguing augmented-reality game. It’s a game that is still in Beta mode I believe, so you can only play by invite right now. Essentially, the game makes you walk around the city on a semi scavenger hunt for public art and monuments. Once you find the item, you’re supposed to claim it by taking energy from it….if you have enough power to take it! Since we’re level 1, and didn’t have enough power to take a lot of stuff, but it was really fun trying to find each item as we were walking through the city. We even found one at our favorite cafe called Cafe Prague! I think we walked easily over 10 miles this weekend…and we got lifts from our friends, taxis, and the metro often too!

The first set here is in black & white. In the hotel we were staying in, there were a lot of black and white photos of the city from years back. That inspired me to take some architecture and city photos while we were walking, and the photos were my inspiration


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January 01

We needed to get our friend Ali to LAX, but we made a few pit stops along the way. Ali was going to Michigan where it was snowing non-stop, and he didn’t have a chance to hit the beach while he was here in California, so we made a quick pit stop to Manhattan Beach.




















March 10

Went skiing for the first time in about 2 years today. Like riding a bicycle. I went with some great people and also got to meet some new great people. We went to the local mountains here in Southern California, Mountain High Ski Resort and enjoyed a perfect day of skiing/snowboarding.






















August 06

We redeemed a gift from Leanne way back from Christmas. We took a boat cruise out on the harbor, and brought some nice champagne, wine, beers and cheese. Talks of travels, friendships, and the future….

[these were mostly taken by Paul Sargeant of Sargeant Photography, edited by me…it’s hard being the only boy on the boat! hahaha]

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April 08

My friend Johnny is going to find the cure to Alzheimer’s one day. He invited my cousin and I to San Diego for a weekend of fun since he is going to present his speech at the convention center. We had a wonderful weekend filled with some epic breakfast joints, namely Hash House a Go Go, and Snooze.

 san diego winds

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December 25

I made plans to go visit one of my favorite girls in San Francisco and it turned out to be the biggest eating frenzy with friends from all over meeting up! Lillian is in SF, but I called Tien, my cousin to see if she would be down for a fun trip and join us. She of course said yes, which is already enough to make me so happy.  First things first: dim sum. I never go to SF without eating dim sum. It’s what we do. In Orange County, you can’t visit without eating Vietnamese food because that’s what we do well. In SF, you eat Chinese food because that’s what they do well. Shanghai Dumpling House is now my absolute favorite place for dim sum right now, mostly for the egg puff pastry. I can eat about 10 of those in one sitting, it’s so good. I also love love the spicy wontons, lionshead meatballs, green onion pancake, and of course, xiaolongbao.




Delicious egg puff and spicy wonton with peanut sauce


The biggest boba cup I have ever had. Oh, and there’s milk pudding inside as well. Yummers. We need one of these in Orange County…and one is probably popping up as I speak.

On top of that, right before the trip, I found out my girl Tam from law school is visiting family in SF as well!! She flew in from DC the same day as me, and got our other friend Erica to come out as well. We met up at Kokkari Mediterranean Restaurant and basically tore the place up by being at least 5 octaves louder than all other tables around us. Oh, and 3 free desserts is the cherry on top.
















December 05

Last weekend, some old friends and I went to Orange Hill for brunch. Nothing special, just a beautiful Sunday for a champagne brunch. The restaurant sits atop a hill overlooking the city of Orange. The weather was a solid 85 degrees on a Sunday afternoon, sitting with good friends, sipping champagne while eating smoked salmon to your hearts content.  Yes, we sat at the restaurant eating and drinking for five solid hours. The food was spectacular for a brunch: crab legs, smoked salmon, caviar, and banana flambe freshly made outside on the patio. It doesn’t get much better than that for OC living.

Look at that view, that food. How can i think i am are anything but lucky to be here.  It’s almost a sin how much I ate that day and how happy I felt.


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November 22

above photo: taken by leanne roberson

The reason for this trip is to find out bar results away from home. I recently took the CA bar exam to become licensed as a lawyer, but the stress of finding out results almost overwhelms the actual exam itself! We decided to book a last minute Napa trip and just GO AWAY for the weekend. Well, as it seems, I found out on Friday night that I did pass the exam, and so Saturday and Sunday were full of happy phone calls and wine tastings!!! I highly recommend anyone taking the bar exam to take a trip somewhere, near or far, when you find out results for an exam. Whether the result be good or bad, you can always justify the trip!!!! Read more …