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Happy Birthday to one of the best girls I know. I’ve known Tamara for over 10 years, and now that I’m in Atlanta close by her, we get to hang out all the time. Her husband threw a great poker party with her closest friends and we all had the best time learning / playing poker. We have to do this more often even when there are no birthdays! The pictures are a hot mess and combination of everyone grabbing my camera throughout the night, but I did manage to snap some fun pics since Amine brought over the rope lights to hang out on the balcony while we smoked some arguileh.


 anyone going to sing me a birthday song? 😉




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March 03

The most awesomous kid ever Sukaina just turned 9 and she  requested to have a moustache birthday party this year. It was a great idea, and we all had a great time with all the sticky moustaches, the photo booth, and eating the huge moustache cake!





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October 05

Zain just turned 3 years old when I was in Atlanta this September. I was so happy to be there this year, as I saw the pictures from his Transformers party last year and missed them so much! Tamara always has the decorations up and this year, there was an amazing bounce house too! I wasn’t commissioned to photograph this, and I wish I could be outside longer to photograph them in the bounce house…but I was too busy socializing with the mommies inside and I was bitten to pieces every time I step foot outside without a long sleeve on. Anyways, here are the pics I did manage to capture.




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If you didn’t get the title, you didn’t read Alice in Wonderland as a child. Sarah, with the help of her wonderful sisters Tamara and Dana, threw a wonderful little unbirthday party for her daughter Yara, who just turned 3. The theme was, of course, Alice’s Wonderland, and they went all out. The details are super impressive, from the Mad Hatter tea party centerpieces to the Queen of Hearts biscuits. I had a great time just hanging out with the kids, socializing with old friends, all whist photographing at leisure. The kids are amazing, but it took me awhile to get a good birthday girl pic of Yara. She finally looked straight at me, smiled, and said, “Yara GO!” .. and i pulled the trigger just in time.



































yara3bday078 yara3bday079

May 14

One of my childhood besties was born on Cinco de Mayo. This year, we went all out of the cinco de mayo theme, from the sombreros, to the tacos, to the gigantic Tecate pinata.




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August 03

My best friend turned 30 this last weekend, and a few of us got together for a French themed wine tasting party. It was so much fun, especially since everyone got in the spirit and dressed up. I even got Paul, who just came home from a 60 miles bike ride, to wear one of my striped shirts and be a french artist! The three of us [Kat, Leanne, and I] all dressed as Parisians of course, and drank the night away. I actually lost my voice completely due to this extravaganza but it was worth the sacrifice!!!

As for these photos, i cannot take credit for all of them. The camera got passed around many times and so this is just a collaboration of great friends and artists. I’m pretty sure a lot of these images were taken by myself, Leanne Roberson Sargeant of Sargeant Photography, and Amber Newsome, a great landscape photographer in her own right.






















Leanne brought out her Goose, the best polaroid camera ever. We took some crazy shots, one of which I am waiting on to be scanned, because I totally photobombed it. The best thing about this camera is the old school way you have to pull out the film, it is just too fun. She let me do it a couple times and here is a shot of her pulling out the image from the camera!















June 15

Giorgia turned 11 this last weekend, and her momma threw her a fabulous party after a day of trampolining at Sky High Sports. The kids were so hyper and happy the whole day, and I got to capture the fun. I grabbed some of my rice picker hats, some leis, boas, and gigantic sunglasses … and headed over to play with the kids. The minute I got there, they were curious to see what was in my huge brown bag. They squealed and ran all over with excitement with all the toys, put them all over themselves, and then posed willingly for pictures.


 birthday girl giorgia

 soooorry for party rockkkkinnnn’

 these kids have insane lungs




 pizza break





 make a wish!

 cotton candy and mint chocolate chip cake from 31 flavors








This last picture is my favorite. It’s so beautiful, momma and daughter.