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After the shoot, we went to sushi for dinner because I was craving it like no other.  I didn’t plan on taking any more photos, but this moment is just too cute.  We had our own booth so Ava wasn’t being distracted by everything else in the restaurant. She was more focused on her food, and particularly on how we were all using our chopsticks.  Ava is no stranger to chopsticks. Mom and Dad both use chopsticks like a pro for many of their meals and she gets to try everything they eat [best way to get a child to taste everything].  She hasn’t quite figured out how to use them yet, but daddy is helping her. She watches him intently, tastes the food with the pro food critic face, and then tries to use the chopsticks herself.





yummy daddy! more please!


oh ok…TWO hands

man, this is hard

this doesn’t feel right…

 ahhhh well, play time!



Ava just turned 2!!! She is super energetic and full of life, but starting the terrible twos tantrums. We decided to channel all her energy to all the fun things the Anti-Mall had to offer. I didn’t know the alley had this awesome hopscotch drawn on the pavement, but as soon as Ava saw it, she just took off running. I hopscotched with her [me running, her following], and it nearly knocked me out after the 20th time, but it was so worth the exercise. I got some great pics with the sun peeking through as it sets.





I got to photograph one of my favorite little munchkins this last week. Her dad rarely gets to be in pictures because he is always the one taking the pictures, and when he isn’t, he’s working. Her mom asked to have a more father daughter session this time, and it worked out wonderfully. Ava’s dad is a 4th grade teacher, so he was off for the summer, therefore spending more quality time with his daughter. They have become so close since he’s been home full time, and you can definitely see the father daughter love here!







February 02

ava at 1.5 years old

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November 21

ava at 1 years old

 i laugh so hard every time i see this pic

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September 28

I just finished this year long project for my absolute favorite kid on earth, Ava. She is the reason I have gotten into children and family photography, and is the reason why this album is really special to me. I’m in the process of making another one for her grandma, but this album is for mum and dad. The album consists of a few pictures throughout her first year. Every few months, I would make her mom put her in cute clothing and let her play while I take pictures. She’s naturally playing and being held in all of these photos, which I love.  I also had some help from my cousin Tien in making some pages, so there is even more love in this book!

I know a lot of photographers make printed albums, but I wanted this to be even more special. Since I have been scrapbooking for a few years for my travel albums, I thought it would be a more personal touch if I scrapbooked hers.  I’m still undecided on whether I want to continue doing this for clients since it’s such a time consuming hobby.  Anyway, here is a snippet of my favorite pages….





some glittery pages


May 04

ava @ 9 months.


March 26

This kid is ridiculously awesome. She is so intelligent, and well behaved. She never cries, and lets everyone hold her. She doesn’t want to crawl, even at almost Read more …