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March 28

I’m obsessed with these retrosuperfutures. These sunglasses are the first nice ones I’ve ever bought myself. I’m the type to throw my sunglasses around everywhere, and wear them as headbands inside…but when I saw these, I had to get them.  40% off due to a mismark on the price pretty much sealed the deal. The glass is Zeiss, and the frame is acetate, handmade in Italy.





I went to the Scots Fest at the Orange County Fairgrounds this weekend and had to pick up a small souvenir of the event. I didn’t anticipate on paying as much as I did for this ring, but the minute I put it on, I knew I had to have it. The girls are usually pretty good at talking me out of buying stuff like this but they could see in my face that I was not going to be happy if I walked away. In addition, the other girl looking at the rings had one from this vendor, and she said that she got hers last year, and it stood the test of time. So I got it. And I love it. It’s a joining knot, symbolizing fullness, enclosure, and family. The interlacing lines of the knot stand for no beginning, no ending, and the continuity of everlasting love and binding together. You can see the other designs and styles here at Irish Charm.

nail polish: Sephora by O.P.I. : Once a Cheetah, Always a Cheetah ; ring by Irish Charm


This mint colored Swatch watch is my favorite right now. The ticking is a bit loud, but the look outweighs the cons. The extra long strap makes it look like a cool bracelet, and is also waterproof up to 40 feet. My friend from Africa saw this pic and picked up the purple and blue one. Love it.

October 20

Every so often I will have enough energy to accompany my auntie to Santee Alley and the fashion district. She’s a pro when it comes to shopping here, and I can do nothing but try to keep up. I got a few awesome things to commemorate this trip, and these two are the coolest things I found. Ever. The elephant ring is so well made and the design is just fantastic. Even better, I got it for a couple of bucks. The falcon was another awesome find, and I will have lots of fun sporting both of these rings! [please ignore the dry hands]


January 22

a few of my favorite lotions and parfums that have been on rotation as of late


L’erbolario creme pour le corps // l’occitaine crème hydratante éclat // estée lauder emerald dream parfum // tamara lempicka parfum // apothia IF eau de parfum // gucci envy me eau de parfum // versace crystal noir  // lancome hypnose eau de parfum // flower by kenzo parfum // l’occitaine immortelle lait demaquillant // viktor rolf flowerbomb parfum

November 08

 I bought this Nazar ring because the evil eye is sold everywhere in Turkey. I love getting jewelry that is unique to that country. I know Nazars are sold in many Mediterranean cultures, but since I won’t be hitting up many of them this time around…this will do! According to wikipedia, in Turkey, evil eye jewelry and other such trinkets are particularly common. The evil eye is also known as the Eye of Medusa ( A mythical greek gorgan). A nazar or evil eye stone (Turkish: nazar boncuğu) is an amulet that protects against the evil eye. Colorful beads, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and all manner of decoration may be adorned by this particularly popular symbol, and it is common to see it on almost anything, from babies, horses, doors to cars, sidewalks, cell phones, and even airplanes.

I really liked his scarf so he sold me one just like it. I like that he has this pimp expression on his face, and holding my 20 lira for the scarf. He then proposed to me with the red ring below, but I’m pretty sure it was just for the visa. Naturally, like a lady, I took the ring, and said no thank you. *_*

October 21

 I have been drooling over the Alexa Mulberry bag for months and months. I knew that I would have to settle for a much cheaper version of it, but held off on buying anything since I was leaving for months of travel and never found the right one. I used many a hobo bag throughout Asia, but now it’s time to buy a nice one for Europe. Since my clothing is more winter oriented now, it requires nice accessories as well. This H&M bag is the perfect combo if price and quality. I practically grabbed it off the hanger when I saw it. It was meant to be…me finding it in H&M!!

h&m bag


I’m in Russia at the moment, and the styles here are fantastic. Every woman I see walking down the street is wearing something I covet, whether it be boots, coats, or bag. If one was to ever be on a hunt for coats or boots, I would highly recommend looking for one here. The selection is phenomenal. Any style, any shape, size, color you want is available in any given store on the street. If you don’t see what you like, try next door. Yes, there are that many.

August 03

I love loose and flowy dresses when I’m lazy as heck and want to do nothing but lounge around the house. I had some errands to do this morning, and since today was so gorgeous, this dress was perfect. It’s a bunch of different fabrics sewn together asymmetrically…some cotton, some silk, and other random ones. Although this is an XS, it’s still gigantic one me, so it took some getting used to the angles on the camera. It can look like a mumu *_*

On a sidenote, I’m about to hop in my car and drive to SF for an impromptu trip with Kat, my travel buddy, to get my tourist visa from the Russian consulate. They refuse to take applications by mail, and since I’m determined to see the Hermitage Museum on this insane trip across the world, this small trip is just a part of the process to make it happen! Come on, Russia. Help me out here!

H&M dress, grendha jelly sandals, forever 21 bow ring