Yep, I’m bored today. I mean, I have about a million things to do and 3 projects in the works, but I cannot get the creative juices going. I was feeling blah all day, and I finally just had it. I put on some powder, pulled on a pair of comfy jeans, and took the tripod outdoors. Sometimes, I like to do these self portraits to put things back in perspective. It’s different than taking a look in the mirror. It’s like seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, through a photographer’s eyes. Taking self portraits that are not camera “selfies” is a little challenging, especially on a DSLR where the focus will not be correct if you’re not in front to meter and focus. I took a light stand, and placed it in the spot where I would pose. It took a couple tries to get the focus and height correct, but it’s a good exercise to do. You have to compose the image without the subject, and on top of that, you have to pose yourself once you’re in front of the camera!