December 05

Last weekend, some old friends and I went to Orange Hill for brunch. Nothing special, just a beautiful Sunday for a champagne brunch. The restaurant sits atop a hill overlooking the city of Orange. The weather was a solid 85 degrees on a Sunday afternoon, sitting with good friends, sipping champagne while eating smoked salmon to your hearts content.  Yes, we sat at the restaurant eating and drinking for five solid hours. The food was spectacular for a brunch: crab legs, smoked salmon, caviar, and banana flambe freshly made outside on the patio. It doesn’t get much better than that for OC living.

Look at that view, that food. How can i think i am are anything but lucky to be here.  It’s almost a sin how much I ate that day and how happy I felt.



 Taking a break for them to clear the table, take some pics, and digest. Then back for more!

 champagne and milk



 yummy bloody mary







After brunch, we went walking through the Camp in Costa Mesa, window shopping and walking off the food we just consumed.