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I went to the Scots Fest at the Orange County Fairgrounds this weekend and had to pick up a small souvenir of the event. I didn’t anticipate on paying as much as I did for this ring, but the minute I put it on, I knew I had to have it. The girls are usually pretty good at talking me out of buying stuff like this but they could see in my face that I was not going to be happy if I walked away. In addition, the other girl looking at the rings had one from this vendor, and she said that she got hers last year, and it stood the test of time. So I got it. And I love it. It’s a joining knot, symbolizing fullness, enclosure, and family. The interlacing lines of the knot stand for no beginning, no ending, and the continuity of everlasting love and binding together. You can see the other designs and styles here at Irish Charm.

nail polish: Sephora by O.P.I. : Once a Cheetah, Always a Cheetah ; ring by Irish Charm


This mint colored Swatch watch is my favorite right now. The ticking is a bit loud, but the look outweighs the cons. The extra long strap makes it look like a cool bracelet, and is also waterproof up to 40 feet. My friend from Africa saw this pic and picked up the purple and blue one. Love it.

April 16

I was a little behind on blog reading when I went to the mall after Lent [I gave up shopping for Lent]. I was browsing through Nordstrom, H&M, Gap, and Madewell … and noticed that they are carrying some really good looking denim jackets. I wondered if it was back in style…and I figured it was definitely back in when I went to Zara. Zara is a Spanish brand, and Europeans are not into denim as Americans are. If Zara had a denim jacket, it was back in. I use to wear my denim jacket all throughout 8th grade and into high school, but I stupidly gave up my jacket through one of my purges. I tried on all the jackets, and surprisingly, the Zara one fit me like a glove and also had a better price tag. Oh, and pockets are a must!!!!

I found the second one at H&M. I didn’t want another denim jacket to compete with Zara, but the sleeveless factor totally convinced me to get this one. For $25, not a bad price tag, so I got it too!

February 13

Some random images I took this month on my phone. My new favorite app is Mytubo, an Android version of Instagram for iphone. I think it’s actually better than Instagram in the toycamera effects, and coupled with my awesome phone camera, it’s pretty much some really random images from snippets of my life.

breakfast of champions: two eggs with soy sauce, toast drizzled with honey, and G7 viet coffee

he thinks he’s 8 years old

egg drop – it was a late night

drunken art – can’t keep my EYE off of you

girls just wanna have fun

she can pick up ice with chopsticks!

new haircut

no bleaching, my hair is still black!

bruxie waffles

bun bo hue, a weakness of mine

gel nails last

ingredients for thai food

new vsx line

ranchito market

fruit juices

January 01

My mom threw one of the biggest galas I have ever seen this New Year’s Eve. She sold 650 tickets and got some of the best performers in the Vietnamese community to perform all in one night. It was a great turnout, and here are some of the pics i was able to capture in between socializing with 650 of my parents’ closest friends and doing the shuffle to LMFAO on the dance floor. Yes, I did do the shuffle as well as the running man…and it was all captured on film.


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October 27

I found my new planner for the next year! As much as I love technology, [my phone is bigger than my hand], I still love reading and writing on actual paper. I rarely get the chance to write like I use to in journals, but that’s ok, because my diary and journal entries are photographs in this blog now! As long as I can express myself artistically, have an outlet for my feelings, thoughts, and observations, that’s all I can ask for, right?  Anywhoo, my phone is great for alarms and planning, but I still love entering my plans on paper. I just helps me to see it on parchment. So every year, I buy a new planner. I’m super picky, and I have to have certain things in my book. A two page calendar of the month with room to write in each box is a necessity, lots of notes pages, and good quality paper to write on is crucial. It sounds snotty, but I can’t stand writing on cheap paper! I tend to look for travel books because the quality of paper is superior to other planners since they have to endure a trip! I found this one at Barnes and Noble, and had to get it now, even though I have two months left before I need it.

September 10

some random pics i took today around town


August 28

We spent 3 days camping in Kernville, by the Sequoia National Forest. On the way up, we passed by Lake Isabella, the largest lake in California.