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May 10

This last weekend I was in Santa Barbara celebrating my best friend’s 30th birthday. We spent the whole weekend making delicious food, drinking wine, and enjoying nature. This is one of the highlights of the weekend. Leanne read somewhere about this recipe, and we just happen to have the perfect ingredients. I was obsessed with this snack and made it at least 3 times for all the incoming guests during the weekend.

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Santa Barbara is so much fun. We hit up Santa Ynez and Los Olivos. I really love Los Olivos for the cute streets, old cottages, and amazing restaurants. We went down Grand Street taking pictures, tasting, and then eventually having dinner at Los Olivos Cafe. Most of the pictures from this trip come from Leanne and her amazing D700, but I snuck in a few of my own from my G10. This post is all from the D700. We were at Carhartt, on the 5th tasting I believe, and in much need of a break from tasting. Here are some individual portraits from the back patio of Carhartt winery. Mind you, there are people walking in and out of this place, giving us weird looks, but its ok, we have no shame.


Bridlewood was one of my favorite wineries in Santa Ynez. The grounds are absolutely stunning with the vineyards in the background, and the winery itself is spectacular. Picnic tables line the winery, so I made sure to pack a picnic basket filled with cheese and crackers. Leanne brought some of the most amazing strawberries I’ve ever tasted, and we bought a dry bottle of chilled chardonnay at Bridlewood for lunch. Superb time we had…great collaboration ladies!

We also celebrated Leanne’s birthday here, so we brought all the presents to the picnic table and she opened them there. I dunno how I ended up with all the presents in my hands, but it makes for a very colorful photo. Tien just likes to run around and get into buckets. *_*

May 20

In between wineries and tasting rooms, we ran around town taking pictures, of course. In the midst of this, I think we saw John Cleese, but we are not certain. He was in the middle of a conversation with someone, so we didn’t want to interrupt, but I googled him on my phone, and we believe its him! Leanne caught so many fun and pretty moments, I’m having trouble picking which ones to post.

a little chair for you

This is our “we need to peeeeee” pose. The three of us were looking for a bathroom but none to be found or open!! Kat and Tien stayed behind to pose for Leanne, but I was on a mission to find a bathroom! We finally did after 2 blocks, and then we were much happier!!!

much happier after I found a bathroom!

May 18
This perfect pretty little thing is from Enjoy Cupcakes in Los Olivos. Carhartt’s tiny tasting room couldn’t house us just yet, so they told us about the syrah infused cupcakes at Enjoy, and we ran out the door before he finished his sentence. I’m not a cupcake fan, but these were quite delicious…my favorite was “the ugly.”

Everything above this picture was taken on a D700 with a 50mm fixed lens. It’s not my camera, but Leanne let me play with it throughout the day, so now my heart is slowly converting to dslrs and fixed lenses! The pic below was taken my Tien on my G10, which is so awesome, but sadly pales in comparison to the D700.

May 17

Carhartt was once of our favorite tasting rooms on this trip. Although the wines were just alright, we had the best time here. It’s the smallest tasting room in Los Olivos, literally a small walkway, and out into the back patio area. We went in about 5 times, and then left about 5 times to do other stuff. When we came back the last time, Mike Carhartt good-naturedly gave us the tastings, and also goofed around with us for tons of fun photos. On the way out, we think we saw John Cleese as well! … but we are not certain. I blackberry googled John Cleese’s pic, and it looked a TON like him!

The beginning of a million shots of us and the door

1st tasting

ready for the 8 tastings!

zooolander face

Mike Carhartt’s zoolander face cracked me up

I think this is the shot that converted me to a 50mm fixed lens


the above sign made me laugh…and what tien said about it made me laugh harder

I LOVE this pic of Kat and Leanne!

…and I LOVE this pic of me and Tien

taking pics of each other

May 17

Los Olivos Cafe is the most amazing little restaurant in Los Olivos. After a full day of wine tasting and crazy photoshoots, Carhartt winery recommended this restaurant to us right before they closed. Since we were pretty inebriated, we walked right on over to dinner. The food was insanely delicious. We all ordered the Sideways Special, and I had the best salmon of my life. If you are in Los Olivos, you must have dinner here!!!!!

January 19

We went to Santa Barbara for the weekend to wine taste. I’ve never been there before but I want to go back! The downtown area was so cute and I wanted to walk around, but there wasn’t enough time. I’ll have to make a trip just for that. For wine tasting, we rented a limo for the day, and spent the night in a gorgeous house with all the amenities. We made food at home, and brought picnic lunches. How smart were we?!

Here are my favorite images of the trip… cheers!

the mandatory limo ceiling shot

michelle was waiting for the limo to arrive, Cava in hand

what i bought at Gainey
in the Gainey tasting room
bah! I’m so angry that I did not frame myself into this pic
love this shot!

buying my first and only bottle of the weekend!
This Estate Grenache was served at the White House dinner party for President Obama!
cute things outside beckmen winery

bisou bisou

yummy dessert


we look like sistas from another motha

mandatory vineyard shot!

oak barrel climbing fail

caprese a la chef michelle…or in french, millefeuille de tomates

ended the night with Catch Phrase and Cranium