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December 22

Atlanta Botanical Gardens – The Holiday Lights.

I’m loving the lights at the gardens, but wanted to experiment with the light trails instead of just the regular photos of holiday lights.










Some travel pictures of San Francisco. We spent the weekend walking through a lot of the city, and played Ingress, Google’s intriguing augmented-reality game. It’s a game that is still in Beta mode I believe, so you can only play by invite right now. Essentially, the game makes you walk around the city on a semi scavenger hunt for public art and monuments. Once you find the item, you’re supposed to claim it by taking energy from it….if you have enough power to take it! Since we’re level 1, and didn’t have enough power to take a lot of stuff, but it was really fun trying to find each item as we were walking through the city. We even found one at our favorite cafe called Cafe Prague! I think we walked easily over 10 miles this weekend…and we got lifts from our friends, taxis, and the metro often too!

The first set here is in black & white. In the hotel we were staying in, there were a lot of black and white photos of the city from years back. That inspired me to take some architecture and city photos while we were walking, and the photos were my inspiration


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June 29
Courtesy of: SnapKnot
April 25

We take long walks a lot in the area. The tree colors are all changing from brown to green, and there is so much to take in. We stumbled onto this fair a few days ago and we decided to come back today right around sunset. We planned on having “dinner” here, which I was anticipating as hot dogs, nachos, and cotton candy. However, we ended up having the most yummy falafel, gyro, baked potatoes, and the best lemonade over. We even got in a few wine tastings from Total Wine! I took home a freshly popped bag of kettle corn too.

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Just a few things I did today for Easter Sunday. My family never celebrated Easter the way Americans do. We don’t get Easter baskets full of candy and treats. However, when I was in my teens, my best friends’ mothers would always include me in their tradition of giving baskets. I don’t remember a year that I didn’t get one after that and I will forever cherish that memory with love. I’ve moved to Georgia, and this year, I decided to make Easter baskets for the three kids I love most dearly here. These were all taken from my phone using VSCO.

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This morning, we took a 5k walk around Dunwoody. It was 35 degrees outside, and some light sprinkling, but we were adamant on this walk. We’ve been telling ourselves that we need to do this every morning, but it’s so hard to get out of my comfy and warm bed. Not to mention it’s been FREEZING here in Atlanta! This past week warmed up a bit during the day, so I finished a lot of home projects. I even got 2 frames for my two most important paintings, and I feel like that have a flow with frame collecting now. Now that home projects are winding down [because I’m broke], the gym has to get back on my schedule. The walks help a lot of but I need more cardio, so I’m going to look for a zumba class stat!


Let me tell you about the trees and the birds…just kidding. I know nothing about these neck of the woods. I’m still in pleasant shock that I was basically “hiking” through the forest while in the city.





We went for a little hike at Overlook Park near Morgan Falls. It was a beautiful day outside, so everyone was outside playing soccer, paddle boarding on the lake, and having picnics. We took the camera out with matching 50mm lenses, and just people watched for a few hours and then went to get lunch at Las Tortas Locas.

At Overlook Park, we stopped to have a mini photo lesson, and I took some fun double exposure shots of Amine while he was focusing on his shots.




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January 26

Our road trip from California to Georgia this January was pretty amazing. We stopped in San Diego to catch a last glimpse of the Pacific Ocean for awhile, stopped in Tucson Arizona for a night, and ended up staying at the White Sands National Monument in Alomongordo, New Mexico for 3 days and 2 nights because we loved it so much. The white sands here are mesmerizing, and we decided to experience the sunset twice before going on to Texas.

































Pojangles of the #shabooms traveling caravan