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January 24

In Nepal, we decided to head out of Thamel and see Swayumbhunath, also known as Monkey Temple. The temple is outside the city, so we taxied out. It dropped us off at the bottom of the hill and we looked up at a thousand steps. The walk up Swayambhunath was quite fun.  There are monkeys are everywhere! They are not afraid of humans at all, and the locals actually have to scare some of them off because  they flock around so much. On the way down the steps, a dad was carrying his little girl, and a mama monkey lost her baby, so she jumped on the dad’s back and started shrieking. Although I’m a giant fan of monkeys and all that fun, I do NOT want one shrieking on my back!

At the top of the temple, we walked around taking pictures of the monks and the landscape. A lot of pilgrims come to pray here, and butter lamps are lit around the temple. We got there late in the day, and got to see the sunset from the top, which was one of the most beautiful and relaxing days in Kathmandu. The colors are just perfect, and I was happy that I brought my book Eat, Pray, Love to read. The book, the city, the temple, and the sunset were the perfect combination, and I sat there for almost an hour soaking it all in.


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