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Just a few things I did today for Easter Sunday. My family never celebrated Easter the way Americans do. We don’t get Easter baskets full of candy and treats. However, when I was in my teens, my best friends’ mothers would always include me in their tradition of giving baskets. I don’t remember a year that I didn’t get one after that and I will forever cherish that memory with love. I’ve moved to Georgia, and this year, I decided to make Easter baskets for the three kids I love most dearly here. These were all taken from my phone using VSCO.

Processed with VSCOcam with 7 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with 7 preset





April 03

After 25 years, I have finally gone back to full blown bangs. Not side sweep, but straight bangs. It’s weird, my hair hasn’t adjusted to bangs in so long that it falls in this awkward way, and bounces up really awkwardly. The Toni & Guy hairdresser did a good job with them when my hair is down, but there is a lot of my own maintenance that needs to go into it when i put it my hair up in a ponytail.

January 01

My mom threw one of the biggest galas I have ever seen this New Year’s Eve. She sold 650 tickets and got some of the best performers in the Vietnamese community to perform all in one night. It was a great turnout, and here are some of the pics i was able to capture in between socializing with 650 of my parents’ closest friends and doing the shuffle to LMFAO on the dance floor. Yes, I did do the shuffle as well as the running man…and it was all captured on film.


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September 24

One of the perks of being an Elite Yelper is the awesome events you get to attend! Yelp gave me tickets to see the OC Auto Show, and bring two friends with me to enjoy it too. They reserved a section in the back by the exotic cars, served champagne and vodka to enhance the night, and let us mosey around looking at pretty cars! I took my friend Ali, who is dying to get a look [and drive on Sat] at the Ford Mustang. He talked me through a lot of the cars, which made the experience much more fun, and of course, we took tons of pics.

lamborghinis were right next to the Yelp event, so we got to see it first


. lexus supercar .


 awesome ford mustang .. boss.





one of the biggest shockers…ali loving the new beetle


 the most awesome jetta ever

 i have a soft spot in my heart for infiniti


Yelp swag!


some photos of me in the beamer when I had my hands full with champagne *_*



the camaro


August 12

Pretty things came in the mail today!!!!! A new Kindle for me to do tons of summer reading on and a gorgeous Hermes-like burnt orange cover accompanied it. I had a Sony ereader that was attached to me this whole summer, but I’ve passed it down to my brother for this upgrade. I’ve already loaded The Help, the Sookie Stackhouse vampire series and the Game of Thrones series to it. I have jury duty [blahhh] this coming Monday, so this is going to be my lifesaver in the waiting room. I’ve also convinced some of my friends to buy the Kindle online on Amazon. They have refurbished 3G + wifi [usually $189]  ones for $129 right now, so nab these babies!!!

July 30

taken during the light up and shoot workshop for CreativeLive, and I’m tinkering with natural lighting behind me

I just finished taking the July 2011 bar exam and am now vegging in front of my computer, catching up on missed tv and attending online photography classes from CreativeLive.  I’m a repeat taker, so I wasn’t as nervous going into this exam as the previous time.  However, I changed my study tactic completely this time. I didn’t stay home to study, but instead locked myself up in a library study room with the best study partner I can find. Kat and I have excelled at every thing we do together like traveling and studying, but we were living in different areas for law school, so we didn’t get to study together for the bar. This time, we made the effort to meet every day for a certain amount of hours to TALK things out. You don’t know how much of a difference that makes on comprehension. Anyway, hopefully our study tactic was enough to pass this time around, and here is a clip of what my desk looks like when I come home. Because we study in the library, i kept my computer desk free of too much paper and clutter, but furnished it with things to unwind on. I’m back home now, and planning activities for the next 4 months of waiting til results in November, so my desk will be filled with photo albums and scrapbooking materials soon! Thanks for being so supportive during my studies and the encouragement when I switched up my blogsite is also much appreciated!! I’m still learning how to utilize all the features and getting my portfolio done to show, but it’s gorgeous outside today, so I’m going to get some coffee and do some outdoor activities first!