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I only got to attend Comic Con on Sunday, but it was nice to walk through the convention center without too much pressure to get everything in. I’m a veteran here, so I parked far, tram or walk in, and stroll the place photographing cool costumes and people when I see them. I love that they are so gracious with photographers, and always willing to pose for me.










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Leanne of Sargeant Creative wanted to experiment with some double exposure photography on her new Fujix100s. When she called me to spend the day with her, I jumped on the chance to learn about this project she was working on for the Violet Hour’s Art Show. She shot everything on manual settings, and these are straight out of the camera frames, no photoshop at all.   I learned all kinds of fun tricks and I can’t wait to experiment with this feature on the Canon 5d Mark iii as well!


















August 08


Saw these flowers in the Asian Garden Mall. Aren’t they beautiful.



April 07
haider ackerman

February 20
tom ford cat eye glasses
February 15
I realized at 5 pm today that it was Valentine’s. This damn bar has made my days blur and I actually mistook today as a Sunday. I’ve never celebrated this holiday, even when I was in a relationship. It just seemed less special since everyone else was celebrating it, and the incredible amounts of mushy-ness drove me insane. Nonetheless, I’m not that cold hearted.  *_*  I thought about wearing red today, and even pulled out a dress that’s really cute to wear out…but I didn’t go out… Read more …
[one of the best messages to convey love i found yet]

my beautiful girl,

you are asleep beside me, and despite the deep rumbles and grating gears of the passing vehicles on the highway outside our window, I feel so content, listening to your breathing, and the wind in the tall backyard tree, and now it is silent of all cars and trucks and roadnoise, and now it is nicer than it was before. with you I have learnt the most about myself, and consequently the world, and with you I am calmest, clearest, happiest, realest, warmest, and all other superlatives that could be used to describe just how right things are with you. I have said it a few times but I’m not sure I’ve ever truly been able to express just how much I appreciate you, your presence in my life, all of the things I have learnt from you both directly and indirectly. the world will change and change often, sometimes dramatically, but I know our love will always remain. we are the strongest of the strong, and I will never leave your side.

thank you for all that you have blessed me with. i am indebted to you.

yours for all time, and timelessness,

February 12

I lived next door to this boutique in Paris. Everyday I walked by the window and stared wistfully in. Finally, I went in before going home, and found the most beautiful grey/black cape of my life. It fit to perfection, but through some idiotic Read more …