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November 20

Santorini is, by far, my favorite Greek island. The sunsets in Oia are unparalleled, and the food is just packed with the most tasteful olives and feta cheese. We spent 5 days on the island at Villa Manos, the cute resort like place for really cheap, and rented an ATV as our mode of transportation around the island. The wind in your hair, the fresh sea breeze, and fantastic views…how can you be sad here?

Atlantis Books is featured in Lonely Planet’s list for the best bookstores in the world! That is pretty awesome since we read the newly posted article WHILE we were in Santorini!! We went to search for it…but stumbled on it when we went to downtown Oia!

This is one of the best series I have ever read. Stieg Larsson’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is also a movie, and the girl protagonist is just the most interesting character. If you have not read series, you must!!!!

I was so enamored with the sunset in Oia, i did not notice that I stepped into a huge pile of DOG SHIT!!!! and when I say huge pile, it was a HUGE PILE. It was so stinky and gross, and it wouldn’t come off my shoe!!!! Damn the hiking shoes with great traction! I couldn’t do anything on the sunset vista point because it was all houses and there was no grass or even a hose for me to wash my shoes! I wiped it as best I could in a rose bush, and we drove to the nearest patch of grass for me to scrub them on. Below is the most hilarious picture of this trip yet: Kat laughing her ass off and me on the grass, looking at my shoe filled with dog crap!!

We couldn’t figure out why there were so many tourist buses going around the island all of a sudden…where did they come from!!! One of the streets were filled with tourists in downtown Fira, so we walked up to see what all the commotion was about…and discovered a whole new section of Fira!!! It turns out that Princess Cruises filled with Canadians and Americans flocked to this island on our last day, and the boat dropped them off at the Old Port, and buses would take them to downtown Fira to walk around and shop for the day. Because of that, the shops open during off season for these tourist groups, and we get to benefit from them!

My new favorite on the go coffee. Cream and sugar inside. Just like G7 of Vietnam. They’re finally catching on.

Kat actually got in trouble for not finishing her food!! hahahha We ordered two delicious omelettes, but they were HUGE! Each omelet contained 4 eggs, mixed with mushrooms, bell peppers, and cheese!!! Kat only ate about half of it, and was finished. The owner scolded her and refused to take away her plate when she told him that she was finished! I, however, ate ALL of my food!!!!! *_*


Guess what?! We finally found a beach we can chill out at! We drove and found a bunch of other ones that were supposedly amazing with the black sands and red sands…but were disappointed. We drove past our hotel, and found this secluded beach! We walked up and down the coast looking for sea shells and I even made a video!

November 16

We made it to Santorini!!!!! Thank god we decided to come here instead of Mykonos. Although I would have probably loved Mykonos as well, we always wanted to go to Santorini. However, it’s the farthest island from the mainland, so ferries run to it very rarely. However, we found a vessel that runs to most of the islands on a constant and daily basis. For 38 euros, we booked the Blue Star Ferry and set sail to one of the most beautiful islands in Greece…maybe the world. It was raining frequently in Turkey and in Athens, and the forecast was gloomy for all the islands but we went anyways, praying for the best. Gray clouds covered the skies, but it opened up just a tad when we approached Santorini. It only rained at night here, and today was just stunning. The clouds were puffy and stunning as we rented an ATV and drove through the northern part of the island. Tomorrow, we will take the ATV again and head south to the black sand beaches. 

One of the most beautiful places to see the sunset is Oia, in the northern part of Santorini. On the way there, we drove through some neighborhood places and I saw a glimpse of bright pink through a terrace. We stopped in, and found a secluded place to watch the sunset. Since it is off season, many of the restaurants and shops are closed for winter. We parked the ATV and just spent time watching the sunset without interruptions from tourists or even the locals.


California girls in Santorini
whitewashed structures

our RIDE on the island for 5 days
Villa Manos : our home for 5 days
as usual, we try the beer of the country
greek salad with the biggest hunk of feta cheese ever
gyros pita with fries

I’m currently sitting on a Blue Star Ferry boat on the Aegean Sea. Amazing what the power of satellite technology can do nowadays. I’m so connected to the world, and yet so DISCONNECTED. 
I just finished editing Turkey and posting so I started on some of Greece. We have been in Athens for a few days, but haven’t done much. The last time I was in Greece, it was 2003 for our study abroad/backpacking trip. Last time, we did the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and some other ruins. This time, we just chilled out, shopped, ate, and tried to find a way to get to the islands in the middle of winter.
These boots are replacing the other H&M booties I’ve been living in. The other booties are a velvetlike material and they get wet the minute it starts to drizzle. These are leather and will keep the rain out somewhat better, but still look stylish with my constant tights. They are not the most comfortable yet…still breaking them in…but they remind me of the wicked witch of the west shoes. Love them for that.

I also tried on this cute lace dress from H&M but I didn’t get it. I needed one size smaller, but they didn’t have it. If i see it in Paris or another H&M in my size, I think i’ll grab it…it would be interesting to pair with my new wicked witch shoes. *_*