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We all signed up for the Color Fun Fest 5k at Turner Field here in Atlanta. The day was beautiful, but the race didn’t start until 7 pm. We went to an early dinner of delicious pho and then headed over to the field. On the way there, thunder erupted, followed by the biggest downpour we’ve ever seen. Our spirits were still high, attempting to keep the kids still amped for the 5k…but the rain literally beat down on us. We arrived to the very empty parking lot, gathered up the courage and energy to run out into the rain and throw color everywhere as if we had finished the whole 5K!

I really think we would have ran the whole race instead of just the first part if it wasn’t getting so cold and we didn’t want the kids to get sick. Nonetheless, everyone was in good spirits jumping in puddles and getting soaked in the rain!


































May 18

I’ll let the art and photos speak for themselves.

























April 25

We take long walks a lot in the area. The tree colors are all changing from brown to green, and there is so much to take in. We stumbled onto this fair a few days ago and we decided to come back today right around sunset. We planned on having “dinner” here, which I was anticipating as hot dogs, nachos, and cotton candy. However, we ended up having the most yummy falafel, gyro, baked potatoes, and the best lemonade over. We even got in a few wine tastings from Total Wine! I took home a freshly popped bag of kettle corn too.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset



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April 11

Back again at the Chattahoochee River Trails for some spring blooms. We took Dana here and went off the beaten path for a bit. The spring bloom is starting. Everything is much greener than the last post of the Chattahoochee Trails Winter. I love the change in seasons so here is the next set of pictures bringing in spring.




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April 01

We discovered this trail recently. It’s right between the 75 and 85 freeway, this little bit of hidden sanctuary. It’s going to be a place we frequent this year because I really want to see the change of colors on these leaves from brown to green to full on blasts of color!

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March 03

I found this coffee shop on Yelp so we decided to spend the afternoon exploring the shop and it’s nearby regions. Amine knew there would be some hiking trails nearby, but we didn’t realize that the coffee company is located right on the edge of the river. The view is stunning, and the trails start right outside the coffee shop. We ended up staying through twilight although it was freezing outside. We also practiced with low light portraits and hdr, but I’m all about the beautiful portraits than the HDR effects.






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February 27

When I would visit Atlanta in the last few years, we always stop at Caribou. We decided to walk the city with a cup of coffee this last Sunday. Initially, we were going to walk around Piedmont Park, but while reparking the car, I noticed a sign for botanical gardens. Since I brought my nice camera out to get Amine to start photographing a lot more, I thought the botanical gardens would be great for him to learn photography with still flowers. Little did I know that this place is one of the most cherished in Atlanta, and that the membership price for 2 people is equal to only 2 visits!! We immediately got the membership, knowing that we will walk these gardens again this year many times. Our goal is to come back at least every 2-3 weeks to see the seasons change [doesn’t happen in Southern California], and to see how the Earth Goddess and Cobras change too.






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This morning, we took a 5k walk around Dunwoody. It was 35 degrees outside, and some light sprinkling, but we were adamant on this walk. We’ve been telling ourselves that we need to do this every morning, but it’s so hard to get out of my comfy and warm bed. Not to mention it’s been FREEZING here in Atlanta! This past week warmed up a bit during the day, so I finished a lot of home projects. I even got 2 frames for my two most important paintings, and I feel like that have a flow with frame collecting now. Now that home projects are winding down [because I’m broke], the gym has to get back on my schedule. The walks help a lot of but I need more cardio, so I’m going to look for a zumba class stat!


Let me tell you about the trees and the birds…just kidding. I know nothing about these neck of the woods. I’m still in pleasant shock that I was basically “hiking” through the forest while in the city.