Ava just turned 2!!! She is super energetic and full of life, but starting the terrible twos tantrums. We decided to channel all her energy to all the fun things the Anti-Mall had to offer. I didn’t know the alley had this awesome hopscotch drawn on the pavement, but as soon as Ava saw it, she just took off running. I hopscotched with her [me running, her following], and it nearly knocked me out after the 20th time, but it was so worth the exercise. I got some great pics with the sun peeking through as it sets.





I got to photograph one of my favorite little munchkins this last week. Her dad rarely gets to be in pictures because he is always the one taking the pictures, and when he isn’t, he’s working. Her mom asked to have a more father daughter session this time, and it worked out wonderfully. Ava’s dad is a 4th grade teacher, so he was off for the summer, therefore spending more quality time with his daughter. They have become so close since he’s been home full time, and you can definitely see the father daughter love here!








This was shot before the commission, but the setting was so beautiful I couldn’t help it. I had just gotten my new 5D Mark III and just wanted to play with it. I’m stunned by the quality of this camera, but even more so, the kids were just feeling it that day. I can’t wait to document more of this family each year.







This image was actually taken by a 6 year old. Put the settings for her, and told her to put the square on my face, hold down part way, and snap. She did just that. Hello to my future 2nd shooter.



July 31

And off to the beach we all went. The whole caravan trooped to Laguna to enjoy the rest of the day and sunset on the sands. I’m really really happy with some of the portraits I captured. These moments are special, and I’m so honored to have the opportunity to capture them.




















July 29

So I’ve photographed the Mourad family a few times before because..duh, they’re awesome. But THIS time, it’s official! I was actually commissioned by Ali to do a family photoshoot. I picked the Lab [the Anti-Mall] because I have been wanting to shoot there for awhile now, but never had the opportunity. Tamara loved the idea because she likes the urban setting. We later headed to the beaches since Ali liked the beachy setting more. The kids were full of spunk and energy the whole time, but they get that energy from their parents. Ali came up with the idea to boost Zain to the metal bars, but that stunt soon pulled the rest of the family to join in. These are my favorites from the first part of the shoot.