Skulls are the fad now. I see them everywhere on blogs I read. This store in the Marais sells the most awesome rings for decent prices. Too bad I never look up to read the names of the stores, but no worries, there are plenty of them around the area. Just walk around and you are bound to find some fun stores no matter what.

Boutique shops thrive in the Marais. Metro stop St Paul is the main area…but in my neighborhood, I have a few favorites. Rue de Blanc Manteaux and Francois Bourgeouis are my favorite streets. The best boutiques with the best style for both men and women. I didn’t buy anything for myself [that’s rare], but my Italian roomie bought stuff I picked out for her [my inner stylist coming out]. Gorgeous jackets, cashmere sweaters, and beautiful accessories…all top of the line, all unique, and all distinctly Parisian.