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It’s been quite  awhile since I’ve done an outfit post! Since it’s so hot, I’ve just been living in my denim shorts and rotation of awesome Madewell white tees. Today there was no humidity when I woke up, the first I’ve seen this summer. I took advantage of it and got Amine out to Brook Run Park for this shoot when the sun started to set. He was quite enthusiastic since he’s learning about photography and he wanted to practice with the composition, lighting, and manual settings.

Back to the outfit! This portrait session is in this tulle skirt from Space46Boutique. They’ve only launched this past year, but have been a huge hit all over the blogosphere. I saw it on Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook first, and thought that it was just phenomenal. It goes with so many different things, and can be styled in so many ways. I’ve worn it to a artistic Southern California wedding with an American Apparel black long sleeve bodysuit, I’ve worn it with a white tee shirt, and here, with a vintage bra crop top I found at Rag O Rama.































On a recent run to Costco, we decided to stock up on fish. I don’t cook fish very often, but that’s going to change because I love to EAT fish! I love the Costco Atlantic Salmon filets because they are the perfect size: thin so they’re extremely easy to cook everywhere, individually packaged for optimal storage in the freezer, and they defrost fast. I don’t like baking/roasting as much as pan frying these because I haven’t mastered the timing yet. Pan frying is also faster since you don’t have to preheat an oven, and I can keep an eye on the fish at all times. The final result is so good. The heat is amazing with the salmon, and this is going to be a staple dish in my home, so I’m blogging it here to remember and share!


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July 24

We did your quarterly visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens again last week. Some new exhibits came out, but the old ones are also now in full bloom and beautiful. botanicalsummr01


atlanta botanical gardens

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Some travel pictures of San Francisco. We spent the weekend walking through a lot of the city, and played Ingress, Google’s intriguing augmented-reality game. It’s a game that is still in Beta mode I believe, so you can only play by invite right now. Essentially, the game makes you walk around the city on a semi scavenger hunt for public art and monuments. Once you find the item, you’re supposed to claim it by taking energy from it….if you have enough power to take it! Since we’re level 1, and didn’t have enough power to take a lot of stuff, but it was really fun trying to find each item as we were walking through the city. We even found one at our favorite cafe called Cafe Prague! I think we walked easily over 10 miles this weekend…and we got lifts from our friends, taxis, and the metro often too!

The first set here is in black & white. In the hotel we were staying in, there were a lot of black and white photos of the city from years back. That inspired me to take some architecture and city photos while we were walking, and the photos were my inspiration


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July 09

My first ever attempt at hummus was pretty much a fail. Although the consistency was perfect, the color was right, and even the presentation was impressive [check out my scalloped dish for $5 from TJ MAxx!].  What isn’t perfect you ask? The proportion of GARLIC I somehow decided to put into the mix. Blame it on the 2 am decision to make hummus, the recipe I found online calls for 4 cloves of garlic….I put in at least 10-12 cloves after processing and tasting. I don’t know why, I just kept adding more garlic thinking that was what it needed.


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July 02

Back when I lived in CA, we use to frequent this amazing boba place called Tastea.  Every summer, they had a seasonal drink called Watermelon Heaven. It had chunks of watermelon in the blended  mix and mashed to perfection. I lived for that drink. Now that I’m here in Hotlanta [right now it really is Hotlanta], all I’ve been craving for is cold juices and ice cream. We got a HUGE watermelon along with large boxes of fruit from Costco last night and I just didn’t have any room in my kitchen to store all this fruit. I youtubed some different ways to make watermelon juice, but this one by FullyRawKristina [you can view the video to see how she does it] is the one that I thought was the best. She uses herbs to infuse into her watermelon drink, and I so happy to grow all those herbs in abundance on my balcony!

By the way, I still have no idea how to tell if a watermelon is good and ripe. Please leave a comment to help me out!


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