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Good Morning! Bonjour! Buenos Dias ! Chào buổi sáng! Ohayo gozaimaz!

No matter what language, a good cup of coffee or a well made cappuccino is appreciated all the same.



pixie nespresso [faves are rosabaya and dulsao] … sur la table or bloomingdales

milk frothed by capital milk frother …  Sur La Table

March 20

We went back to Panama City Beach [PCB] again this past weekend because we just couldn’t get enough of it. A different beach front condo called to us, and we were so happy to be back at the beach again. We got there right when spring break was happening, so it was fun to see the difference in atmosphere the moment we arrived. When I got out of my car at the beach house, a loud “wooooooot!!!!” came out of nowhere, and I was turning in circles trying to figure out where it came from. A few moments later, it came again, and we realized that it was from the vespa drivers on the road, saying hello to everyone they drove by.


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March 11

Amine and I have been obsessed with cooking shows since we’ve been cooking at home all the time now. Jacques Pepin is one of our favorites, among others like The Taste and Top Chef. We love youtubing them, mirroring a dish as they make it. Jacques Pepin’s Fast Food My Way is a great way to start since he is such a classic French cook, and he is also a great teacher. He actually reminds me SO much of my father and how he used to teach me how to make the perfect fried egg and others for breakfast with the family. Here is an instagram pic of the country French omelette with the curds and slightly browned by the butter. It was DELICIOUS!


Through the past few weeks, we noticed that we consume yogurt in unsurpassed amounts. Yogurt is great for you, and we eat it after our long morning walks, for a light breakfast, quick snack, or even a late night munchie instead of ice cream. It got quite expensive at $4 for every 2 quarts, and we got tired of consistently visiting the grocery store just for yogurt.

Amine had it set in his mind that he would make it at home because his mom does. We set out youtubing different videos and tried it out. The first time, it came out tasting great, but it was too watery. We could actually drink it. The second time, it came out thicker, but was still pretty “slimy”. We kept the amount of rations the same at 2 quarts of milk each time, but tinkered with how long to boil and at what temperature, and also where to store the yogurt so that it can set and cultivate. This last time, we actually used the yogurt from the last batch because it actually tasted great with a slight hint of vanilla and honey, and it was the perfect starter.

Where you store your yogurt makes a huge difference. The first time, we kept it in a dark place wrapped in towels, under the counter. The second time, we kept it in a box wrapped in towels down in the basement. This third time, we realized that it needed more consistent warmth, and the tip we got online was in valuable.  When the yogurt was canned and ready to be stored, we turned on the oven for about 5-7 minutes to get it to warm up. Once warm, turn the oven back OFF and then put the jars into the oven wrapped in towels. We stored the jars in the oven overnight, and the next morning [or 6-7 hours later], moved the yogurt to the refrigerator to cool and set.

I’m so happy that we will save so much money, and make delicious homemade yogurt now!




March 08

As mentioned in my previous post THE SOFA WALL, I was working on decorating that particular wall. I’m also working on the wall right above my desk.  This is the first round of artwork arrangement and I’m really excited to show it although its just on the ground for now. Amine is out, but I wanted it to surprise him when he gets home. That way, it’ll be a fresh unbiased opinion, and what he decides, goes. He’ll also be the one hanging all of these up! 😉  Once it goes on the wall there will be no turning back because I don’t want to poke holes all over my wall nor buy a million Commander sticks! One of the 11 x 14 paintings will go over my office wall, but I’m still undecided which one it will be yet so suggestions are welcome!




March 07

I few weeks ago, I started my home project. You can see those posts here: the wingback chair, the sofa and the bar, the sofa wall, and the office storage.

Today, I wanted to do an update on how we’ve utilized the space. The side tables needed light [for reading and late night home arrivals], so I added a great side table lamp that matches my tall lamp by the wingback chair. Bed Bath and Beyond had these lamps on sale as a three pack so we picked all of them up. I also added fresh flowers …. and the bottle of Cointreau worked its way over to the French books and Parisian Tour Eiffel. I was a Parisienne at one point in my life and it definitely influences my interior style! We love nightcaps and wine, so I always make sure to have some accessible on the side tables. They are such beautiful bottles so they also serve as great decor!







The office space here is used quite often as we are constantly using office supplies and utilizing our camera gear. I always like having my extra accessories at the ready. I also started framing a lot of my artwork in the last week, so I put the map up today, and also added the very small Vietnamese art tissue up. I carried these three little pieces in between my postcards for six months and I forgot about them when I got back. When I moved to Atlanta, I had to go through so many of my souvenirs, and I was thrilled to find these delicate pieces again and they look amazing on my bookshelves. An expensive bottle of champagne makes for great reusable decor pieces, the aguila is ready for guests, and travel books are crucial to my bookshelf! Oh! and the Tibetan flags are still close by. I hung them on the open window separating the dining room from the living room.









lamps … bed, bath, and beyond

d flower vase/mug … anthropologie

books … vintage gift and barnes & noble

March 03

The most awesomous kid ever Sukaina just turned 9 and she  requested to have a moustache birthday party this year. It was a great idea, and we all had a great time with all the sticky moustaches, the photo booth, and eating the huge moustache cake!





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March 03

I found this coffee shop on Yelp so we decided to spend the afternoon exploring the shop and it’s nearby regions. Amine knew there would be some hiking trails nearby, but we didn’t realize that the coffee company is located right on the edge of the river. The view is stunning, and the trails start right outside the coffee shop. We ended up staying through twilight although it was freezing outside. We also practiced with low light portraits and hdr, but I’m all about the beautiful portraits than the HDR effects.






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