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February 27

When I would visit Atlanta in the last few years, we always stop at Caribou. We decided to walk the city with a cup of coffee this last Sunday. Initially, we were going to walk around Piedmont Park, but while reparking the car, I noticed a sign for botanical gardens. Since I brought my nice camera out to get Amine to start photographing a lot more, I thought the botanical gardens would be great for him to learn photography with still flowers. Little did I know that this place is one of the most cherished in Atlanta, and that the membership price for 2 people is equal to only 2 visits!! We immediately got the membership, knowing that we will walk these gardens again this year many times. Our goal is to come back at least every 2-3 weeks to see the seasons change [doesn’t happen in Southern California], and to see how the Earth Goddess and Cobras change too.






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This morning, we took a 5k walk around Dunwoody. It was 35 degrees outside, and some light sprinkling, but we were adamant on this walk. We’ve been telling ourselves that we need to do this every morning, but it’s so hard to get out of my comfy and warm bed. Not to mention it’s been FREEZING here in Atlanta! This past week warmed up a bit during the day, so I finished a lot of home projects. I even got 2 frames for my two most important paintings, and I feel like that have a flow with frame collecting now. Now that home projects are winding down [because I’m broke], the gym has to get back on my schedule. The walks help a lot of but I need more cardio, so I’m going to look for a zumba class stat!


Let me tell you about the trees and the birds…just kidding. I know nothing about these neck of the woods. I’m still in pleasant shock that I was basically “hiking” through the forest while in the city.




February 24

Here is our sofa and the cocktail tables all set up in the final position! I couldn’t get rid of the wires [or didn’t bother to, I should say], because it is just too much, and it would take more work to reconnect them by myself than to just leave it. It’s part of our home, anyway. So the next project is to find the perfect piece to go over our wall. I’m not tied down to anything right now, but I’m thinking of doing multiple pieces as well, framing some of my work in all different types of frames along with maps and art pieces collected from my travels. All of this might be a big collaboration of travel memories on one wall. I’m just brain dumping right now, but any suggestions would be welcome! 

living room11

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We went for a little hike at Overlook Park near Morgan Falls. It was a beautiful day outside, so everyone was outside playing soccer, paddle boarding on the lake, and having picnics. We took the camera out with matching 50mm lenses, and just people watched for a few hours and then went to get lunch at Las Tortas Locas.

At Overlook Park, we stopped to have a mini photo lesson, and I took some fun double exposure shots of Amine while he was focusing on his shots.




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February 23

This little guy came up to me after I parked my car. He must have been a little chilly from the weather, and he looks to be an outside cat. He’s totally friendly and loves to nuzzle, so I gave him a little bowl of milk. I love this straight on picture of him, he looks so much like Grumpy Cat!




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February 19

My office is in the living room, so I have to be careful about what I keep out. I do a lot of work here, but I also want to keep it very clean, minimal, and organized. Our dining room area isn’t being used properly, but we only found that out after we utilized the space for a certain amount of time. I decided to shift the dining table to the door since we never sit there, and I made a small office storage space that would look appealing to the eye. Later on, if I want to add more shelves to make into bookcases, I can do so. The shelves are from Target, and I put them together all by myself! I bought two of them, and put them next to each other so that I can add more later if needed.

Filling in the cubby holes was more challenging than I thought. The bins I bought along with the shelves were beautiful but didn’t fit the holes, so I had to reorganize and reevaluate with what I already had [which also saves money!]. I decided I wanted at least 2 cubes to hold just decor to break up the look a bit, and I utilized the bottom level to store as much of the extra mundane papers. My grey boxes hold all the miscellaneous small things, and my black boxes that usually go on my desk will hold all of my office supplies like stapler, tape, sharpener, etc. This declutters so much of my actual working space [my desk only has a pen holder now], and this area is really close to my desk, but still hidden from the public view.





shelves … target

2013 + 2014 boxes … the container store

travel suitcase … michaels

white boxes … ikea

painting … leanne sargeant of sargeant creative

February 16

I’ve had this chair for a few years, but it was always stored away in some corner back at my house in California. My uncle was going to give it away for donation, but I rescued it and kept persisting to Amine that it was worthwhile to bring here to Georgia. I’m so glad I prevailed because it  is the PERFECT accent chair for my living room. The wine bar has been moved to another corner, and this is now our reading and writing nook. I photographed it when we just positioned it into place, and am just loving the contrast of the green against the hardwood. I then added a little letter holding rack filled with colorful pens and notecards for anyone who sits here to write. I love that this area is in the living room too, since I love when guests leave me messages when they visit, and I find them later after they have left.





February 11

A few weeks ago, I made a huge decision to move to Atlanta, Georgia. Although I’ve traveled far and wide, this is the biggest move I’ve ever done because it’s PERMANENT. I’ve decided that I needed a fresh start in this next stage of my life, and although I am missing my friends and family back home in California, I’m so excited to go on this new adventure. The support of everyone has been amazing, and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people always around me. With that, I put everything in storage to be shipped at a later date [still waiting on that delivery], stuffed as much of my most precious things in the car, and drove across the country in 6 days with my best friend. We had an amazing stop in New Mexico [some Breaking Bad photos, of course] for 2 days, visited friends in Texas for 2 days, and drove the final stretch through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in one day.

Anyway, back to the sofa. Everyone has been on my back about posting pictures of my new home, but I’ve held off for two weeks now because I felt that I wasn’t ready. Because we drove cross country, I didn’t bring any furniture with me, and the snowpocalypse this last week didn’t help any with delivering my new furniture. FINALLY, the sofa arrived today and I jumped on the opportunity to snap some quality photos. It’s so strange how one piece can do so much to a room but I really do feel like my living room is coming together with this vital piece of furniture. I love the glass coffee and end tables because of the beautiful wooden criss-cross legs but I’ve converted one of the end tables into a mini bar! Don’t worry, I also had the sofa treated so any spillage can be cleaned up quite easily.  Today, I’ve elected to not show the whole sofa because it is not in the position I want it to eventually end up. When the rest of my chairs come in, the sofa will be moved against the wall so that it will create a much more open effect, the coffee table will showcase better from the doorway, and my living room office will have direct open access to the living room instead of having the sofa be the room separator. I’ll do another post when it’s all arranged, but for now, I just wanted to give you all a glimpse of my ever transforming living room.

living room01


living room03


living room06
living room02


Here’s how we got this look:

sofa … rooms to go

cocktail table set / mini bar table … rooms to go

warped decor plate … homegoods

potpourri balls and pieces … ikea

honeycombed tray … homegoods

lamp … bed bath & beyond