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April 23

This is a twist on the traditional tabouleh recipe, given to me by a very good homecook. I’ve had a lot of criticism for calling this salad “tabouleh” because it has quinoa but I decided to call it quinoa tabouleh anyway. I’ve sat on this recipe all winter, and finally decided to make it last week…and am now obsessed with it! It’s a refreshing salad for spring and summer, bringing out all the other ingredients in the salad to a new level. I’m on this cooking kick lately, but I cook so late at night so I can’t photograph anything decently. Today, I went home immediately after work when there was still good workable light on my dining table…and set up my mise en place. By the time I was done making the dish, the sun was gone in my dining room, so the last picture of the finished product was taken outside, where I sat and had a moment of peace and fresh air.






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Here is a run through of Michelle and Zach’s engagement dam hoi. It was a really fun ceremony, followed by an even rowdier party afterwards.  We all had more than enough laughter, ridiculous amounts of food, and lots of music to dance it all off.


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April 17

The Diane von Furstenburg “zarita” dress is one of the most popular dresses this season. It’s super comfortable, fits beautifully, and always gets tons of attention whenever I wear it out. The lace is just lovely and intricate, and the length of the sleeves are just perfect. The boat neckline lined with the delicate lace is also another detail i love.  It cost me a pretty penny, so I plan on wearing it pretty much whenever I can!








 a special thanks to Megan, one of the girls at the party for grabbing my camera and taking these pictures for me. Otherwise, I would have nothing to show for! 😉


 and yes, as soon as my hands were free, I was double fisting cocktails.

MZdamhoi168 MZdamhoi169

April 16

They were just having too much fun! We had all the rugs and blankets out in the patio, filled them with pillows and flower petals.  I shot from above, hanging on to a pillar, teetering from a stool.










Kent’s Corneliani jacket is phenomenal. Just phenomenal. We were supposed to be shooting corporate headshots, but when he pulled out this jacket, we decided to take a spontaneous mini trek to the Peter’s Canyon Trail and went into the creek to shoot right during magic hour.













April 06

On the day of their engagement, the bride and groom, in front of all their guests, will serve tea (or wine) to their parents. Zach and Michelle had a beautiful dam hoi and here are a few photos from the ceremony. MZdamhoi001   MZdamhoi003   MZdamhoi005   MZdamhoi004     MZdamhoi006   MZdamhoi007     MZdamhoi008   MZdamhoi009