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January 14

I attended a family friend’s wedding today at Holy Spirit Church in Orange County.  I didn’t take my dslr, because I went to attend mass.  I took this right after mass on my camera phone, when the family portraits were being taken. People were running around everywhere, but I managed to sneak over one of the pews and snapped this pic. Such a lovely moment..


January 01

My mom threw one of the biggest galas I have ever seen this New Year’s Eve. She sold 650 tickets and got some of the best performers in the Vietnamese community to perform all in one night. It was a great turnout, and here are some of the pics i was able to capture in between socializing with 650 of my parents’ closest friends and doing the shuffle to LMFAO on the dance floor. Yes, I did do the shuffle as well as the running man…and it was all captured on film.


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