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September 28

I just finished this year long project for my absolute favorite kid on earth, Ava. She is the reason I have gotten into children and family photography, and is the reason why this album is really special to me. I’m in the process of making another one for her grandma, but this album is for mum and dad. The album consists of a few pictures throughout her first year. Every few months, I would make her mom put her in cute clothing and let her play while I take pictures. She’s naturally playing and being held in all of these photos, which I love.  I also had some help from my cousin Tien in making some pages, so there is even more love in this book!

I know a lot of photographers make printed albums, but I wanted this to be even more special. Since I have been scrapbooking for a few years for my travel albums, I thought it would be a more personal touch if I scrapbooked hers.  I’m still undecided on whether I want to continue doing this for clients since it’s such a time consuming hobby.  Anyway, here is a snippet of my favorite pages….





some glittery pages


September 27

ordered some free cards from vistaprint. i’m a huge fan of matte. matte images, matte cards. i can even write notes on the back of my cards *_*


September 25

A few weeks ago, Anh invited me to go on a hike to Escondido Falls in Malibu.  I’ve trekked through a million random places and walked everywhere in 3rd world countries, but I’ve never hiked extensively in my own state of California! I actually brought my dslr but Anh wisely advised me to leave it behind and to take the G10 instead. I’m so glad I did because we basically got on our hands and knees most of the way!!! We hiked to the falls within the hour barely breaking  sweat, so we decided to go all the way to the top. It required a lot of climbing, some sliding, some falling, but we made it!!!!



 Already at the falls! We kept hiking from here, and then came back to climb the rock to do Buddha poses.


 Love this.


 Ana took the series of us climbing up the waterfall and did an amazing job!

 this guy was too afraid to do what we did. he sat there for a good 10 minutes.

 enjoying the view at the top

 some bro love i captured

 i love the silhouettes from where i was sitting.

The guy in the middle is Anh, taking pictures of everyone else while I’m taking a pic of that.

 check out them guns baby

 teetering on the edge


September 24

One of the perks of being an Elite Yelper is the awesome events you get to attend! Yelp gave me tickets to see the OC Auto Show, and bring two friends with me to enjoy it too. They reserved a section in the back by the exotic cars, served champagne and vodka to enhance the night, and let us mosey around looking at pretty cars! I took my friend Ali, who is dying to get a look [and drive on Sat] at the Ford Mustang. He talked me through a lot of the cars, which made the experience much more fun, and of course, we took tons of pics.

lamborghinis were right next to the Yelp event, so we got to see it first


. lexus supercar .


 awesome ford mustang .. boss.





one of the biggest shockers…ali loving the new beetle


 the most awesome jetta ever

 i have a soft spot in my heart for infiniti


Yelp swag!


some photos of me in the beamer when I had my hands full with champagne *_*



the camaro


September 19

A simple black coat is one of the basic necessities of a classically stylish woman. Every woman in France has one, I’m convinced of it. I have a few in my closet, but have recently sold/given away most of them because they are either old or not very flattering anymore. I have narrowed down my collection of black coats a lot because I found the most perfect one at Armani Exchange. I saw this trench on the mannequin, and was tempted to not try it on because it looked PERFECT on the mannequin with the fitted shoulders and lined back. As soon as I put it on, I knew I was taking it home. It’s not actually an expensive coat for this quality, but I immediately made the decision to get rid of most of my other coats for this one. It’s not a heavy coat either, and perfect for cold California weather [which would be low 50s at most]. The buttons and pockets are in the perfect location, and the cuffs are exactly to my wrists. Length is also great for my height, but I think it would work for most people. The belt is the same material as the coat, which is really nice, but since I like to wear trench coats open most of the time [especially in CA], I took it off and stored it in a safe place for colder days.

By the way, most of my outfit pictures as of late were taken by my brother on a dslr. Since he has been scarce around the house, I decided to take the tripod out and my G10, which i haven’t used in awhile, to do self-timer images. The quality of images aren’t that great…I’m used to seeing the effects of the 50mm, but I’m still very happy with the G10.

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September 19

I did a shoot for Mariyan [see below], and before we ended, she took a few of me as well.


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September 13

I did a natural lighting shoot with Mariyan for her real estate business. She wanted some professional shots with suits, but also have it be fun and get a California vibe. The sun was just behind the trees, so I took advantage of every ounce of shade available. Being in a residential neighborhood, shade can be hard to come by, but some beautiful landscaping always helps!

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September 11

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