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August 31

I am purging my closet, once again. I’m actually going to sell these pieces because they are more expensive and I haven’t worn them enough to warrant the consignment store nor a trade. I’m on the market for a new lens, and I have way to many dresses and jackets!!!  I bought most of these and have just not worn them due to lack of occasion, already wore it for a big occasion, or just plain too many similar dresses. I’ll be posting these on ebay soon, but I’m posting them here first. I also spent the day playing with the back light of my windows and I really liked the way the white dresses looked so whimsical. Trust me, none of these are sheer, it’s just the back light of the windows shining through! Email me at if you are interested!

Lovely off white dress. Goes perfectly with cowboy boots for the fun look or sandals for soft whimsical look! $20

A really cute Armani Exchange dress. I’ve considered using this dress as an Alice in Wonderland costume, but never got the chance to do that shoot. Has fun pockets and off shoulder straps. $60


I bought this dress in Russia to go to a Russian ballet [Swan Lake]. I love the simple make of this knit dress and how can you not love the BOW?!  $60

This dress is from Bloomingdales and I reshaped the boning to fit perfectly to me. It reminds me of the corsets and old necklines, and is a super elegant dress for cocktail parties and semi-formal events. $100

Fun polka dot dress for a 50s style theme. $20


Benetton dress. Perfect for hot summer days. $30

Victoria’s Secret swim dress. The long flowy skirt is so fun, and the embroidery is gorgeous. $50


Benetton dress. The cut is super flattering and comfy. Looks great with brown cowboy like boots for the fall! $30



August 28

We spent 3 days camping in Kernville, by the Sequoia National Forest. On the way up, we passed by Lake Isabella, the largest lake in California.



August 25

OOOOOHHHHH I think I’ve found my favorite wine bar in Orange County!!! Kat and Leanne have been here a few times and they rave about it.  We booked a date and we all trooped to downtown Fullerton for some lunchtime drinking!!! We had the baked brie [amazeballllls] and the pan fried goat cheese with sundried tomato sauce…. and the best sangiovese I’ve ever had. We also shared a bottle of chilled rose to start, but it was quickly outdone by the most amazing Sangiovese by Altamura. We will be back very very soon to taste the huge selection of beers as well!!

The best Sangiovese I’ve ever had.

Baked brie. Wow.

Impressive beer selection!


Paul and the ladies!!

This place is right next to Twisted Vine, and in our drunken state, took pictures right in front of it. Sigh.

August 21

On Thursday, I got a call from my travel buddy Kat, asking if I wanted to go camping. “No” was my immediate response because I was prepping to send out resumes and looking for a job. However, after some wheedling [barely any], I packed my trusty backpack and hopped in her car to attend a gender neutral bachelor/ette camping trip on the Kern River up in the Sequoia National Forest with about 17 other people I’ve never met. Forest my ass, I saw only desert, and was more than thankful to see the cold refreshing river! We camped super close to the river [so there were no mosquitos!!] and spent 2 days getting to know some wonderful people I just met.

I found a shady spot behind my tent, and settled there for 2 hours after going to the river. I’m currently reading The Help, and it is a super good read.  Clever, funny, and eloquently written, it’s a must read for everyone.  I brought my new Kindle, and for ONLY this trip, I wished I got the one with the light. However, I borrowed my friend’s awesome three mode camping flashlight and was golden. I got my chair, my cooler filled to the rim with beer, and my reader. Life doesn’t get better than this.  Below, I’m drying out my gear on the rocks after going in the river. I bought these water shoes for $7 at Sports Authority the morning of, and so thankful for it. They kept up in the water, and I could wade out on the rocks easily. They are perfect for this sort of activity!!!

Since I was the one taking all the pictures, this is the only picture I have of myself on this trip. It’s ok though, I look like sh** for 3 days, and I have a massive burn on my right shoulder for some random reason. I swore I put on SPF 50, but somehow, being washed down the river may have brushed some off my shoulders. The group was so much fun, and we spent the majority of the early afternoon down by the riverbank with floaties, beer, and good company.

Todd and Mike went back to camp [upstream], and floated all the way down to us.

Austin, our camp dog. He’s a rescue and belongs to Alicia and Mike. Best camp dog ever. And check out his swimming gear!!!!

Todd grilling up some BACON.

The corn was amazeballs. I ate two for dinner, and nearly left the carne asada. The previous night, we had hamburgers that were to die for. I will have to trade recipes with Amber… hamburger for pho. I’m actually drooling for some of that burger and bacon right now…

 A little visitor came by while I was reading in my own little world of shade.

Necessities for s’mores…but I forgot to take pictures of it when we were making the smores! Too busy eating!

Breakfast potatoes. Mmmmmm.

Our neighbors.

Our first time pitching our own tent!!!!




August 16

We were invited by the wonderful Adriana to go to a Glee Sing a Long Under the Stars in Santa Monica. We met up at Swingers for late lunch/early dinner, caught up on all the latest gossip, and then trooped over to the high school auditorium…with a pitstop at the nearest 7 Eleven for the must needed SLURPEEE!!! They had these extra small cups, which are perfect for us, and we each got a different flavor to try. The event was tons of fun, filled with lots of Glee casts including Kristen Chenoweth!!!! Chris Colfer [Kurt Hummel], Dot Marie Jones [Coach Bieste], Kevin McHale [Artie Abrams], Amber Riley [Mercedes Jones], Jane Lynch [Sue Sylvester], Harry Shum [Mike Chang], and Mike O’Malley [Burt Hummel] showed up to cheer us on.






August 12

Pretty things came in the mail today!!!!! A new Kindle for me to do tons of summer reading on and a gorgeous Hermes-like burnt orange cover accompanied it. I had a Sony ereader that was attached to me this whole summer, but I’ve passed it down to my brother for this upgrade. I’ve already loaded The Help, the Sookie Stackhouse vampire series and the Game of Thrones series to it. I have jury duty [blahhh] this coming Monday, so this is going to be my lifesaver in the waiting room. I’ve also convinced some of my friends to buy the Kindle online on Amazon. They have refurbished 3G + wifi [usually $189]  ones for $129 right now, so nab these babies!!!

August 12

Every girl has to have a little black dress. Me, I have about 10. I can’t help it. A well tailored black dress is the hardest thing to put back, especially if it’s on sale. Theory makes the best little black dresses, in my opinion, which is why I now own 3 lovely pieces. This one is a little short due to a hemming mishap, but I’ll have to fix that later. I can actually pair this with a million different shoes. I wear it during the day with sandals or ballet flats, and at night with some simple black pumps or red heels like these. The necklace was a gift from my friend Leanne of Sargeant Photography. I’ve had trouble pairing it in the past, but as soon as I put this dress on, I knew this necklace is the one to go with it.

theory dress, zara purse, steve madden heels, aldo shades, gifted necklace



August 08


Saw these flowers in the Asian Garden Mall. Aren’t they beautiful.