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March 31

We went to Magic Castle in Hollywood for a close friend’s surprise birthday dinner and magic show. If you have ever been there, you would know that the dress code is er…of high caliber. Gentlemen in suits, ladies in cocktail dresses. I laughed when I read that women have to be in cocktail dresses, evening gowns, pant suits…or leather pants?! How unbelievably awesome. Read more …

March 28
March 26

This kid is ridiculously awesome. She is so intelligent, and well behaved. She never cries, and lets everyone hold her. She doesn’t want to crawl, even at almost Read more …

March 23

I thrifted this jacket at Buffalo Exchange this past weekend, and have worn it everyday since. It’s like new, the leather is so thick and amazing. Even better, I got it for Read more …

March 21
This post is a few days late, but I haven’t had the desire to blog much lately. I haven’t gone anywhere, taken any pictures, nor done much of anything in the last week really, so blogging was left on the backburner while I catch up on my reading and watching TV.  Last Thursday, however, my two best girlfriends from high school came over to hang out, cook, drink wine, and catch up. We hit up the local Trader Joes, bought everything we could possibly want for dinner [which is a lot], and went to town.

“I’m not an expert on the places I visit. I’m not an authority. I’m a traveler, a visitor, an enthusiast. Is it possible to feel hollow and enriched at the same time?

Travel isn’t always pretty, or comfortable. Sometimes i hurts, breaks your heart even. But it’s ok. It changes you. It should change you. It leaves mark on your memory, your heart, your consciousness, and even on your body. You take something with you, and hopefully, you leave something good behind. Where to next? Your guess is as good as mine.”

March 16

I am extremely loyal to Nordstrom, and when I saw these Jessica Simpsom pumps on sale at Macy’s, I ran over to Nordstrom to see if they would match the price. Of course they did! The service at Nordys is amazing. Read more …

March 14
 bebe sport jacket

A few years ago, I bought my first bumble bee yellow Bebe Sport jacket and matching yoga pants. I’m totally hooked on the amazing athletic fabric but I can only purchase their stuff when they go on clearance sale. I love the Lululemon gear too, but their prices are insane. I just can’t justify that much for something I sweat in…but when I think about it, I actually wear this stuff a lot more than expensive dresses and get much more use for my money. Logically, it’s better to invest in atheletic gear and it also motivates you to hit the gym or classes much more now that you look awesome!