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February 27

Why does rain in California feel like impending doom?? It’s getting colder in California this week, and the rain is supposed to be on its way. The gloomy weather makes we want to stay in bed all day, but alas, I’m behind on all my studies, so out of bed i go.

I took most of the day to spend with my brothers chillin at home, but i finally got ready to go study. I wore this outfit because first and foremost, it’s comfortable, and yet I can keep warm inside the freezing cafe I always go to. Converses are a necessity for students who walk to and from campus, but they are also great for just everyday wear. My green Benetton sweater is the perfect under layer because it’s fitting, and light enough for the warmer moments. The brown jacket I wear very little, but it’s the perfect addition to this kind of weather. It offsets the other colors and adds oomph to the outfit although it’s an easy going day.

jack parcel converse shoes, seven jeans, club monaco royal blue tee, benetton green sweater,
TCEC brown jacket, forever 21 jewelry

oh, and the leopard lining is so fun!

I have an affinity towards white things, and I’ve basically use white bags until they are not white anymore and then I trash them [why i can’t have designer bags]. I found this Nine West bag in Ross for $25 and I know I’ll get my use out of it!

I have to mention that my brother is getting better and better with the pictures. I keep the camera on over exposure, but it takes so little time for him to snap these that I almost don’t feel like I’m bothering him anymore!

February 26

My friend Michelle has been harping about my former short hair, and looking at short do’s all over the net. However, I still want to keep my long hair and didn’t get on the wagon…until tonight. The ZDX Acura commercial was on TV, and Karolina’s hair completely struck me. I cut my hair insanely short 3 years ago, but it’s grown back to be long past my shoulder blades. If I were to go that short again, I’d want this exact cut! If you want to see the whole commercial, here is the ZDX Exclamation video.
February 26

Please excuse my glee for this post….and this first image. I was playing around with my new lighting and I’m still trying to figure out the softbox positioning. I accidentally took a picture with my trusty polka dot socks, and it looked cool so i kept it!

I found this Diane von Furstenberg luggage doctor bag at Ross for less than half the price!! I have one travel backpack that I use on most of my backpacking travels, and this ridiculously colorful suitcase for my more “luxurious” travels. I don’t believe in buying large brand name luggage solely because I destroy them when I travel and I’m deathly afraid of it being stolen at the airport. However, this cute carry on is just too fun to pass up. I randomly walked into Ross after a long day of classes, and could not believe my luck on scoring this awesome luggage piece. It is definitely coming with me to Seattle for spring break!! I can’t wait til then, I’ve already started thinking about what outfits to wear and what to bring!

green, brown, and pink!

the doctor’s bag is open, revealing a gorgeous hot pink interior!

I am hoping that this bag is small enough to be a carry on, but at the same time,
I’m hoping it’ll carry all the outfits I plan on wearing in the rainy city as well…

February 23

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I just signed up for Bloglovin…FINALLY. I’m still learning the ropes for this photoblog fashion system, but I’m getting there! Baby steps…

February 21

I just picked up this lace shirt at some boutique in Little Saigon while I was waiting for Boiling Crab to seat us. It’s really fitted and sheer, but pair it was a vest and some suede boots, and I’m ready for a night at the chophouse! The suede boots were given to me by my cousin [love same size cousins!!!]

My friend is celebrating his bday at a bar with a mechanical bull, and although I’ve never been there, I know that pants, boots, and a cowboy hat are in order! 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

DNA Couture lace shirt, H&M black vest, no brand skinny denim jeans, black suede boots

February 19

Is this not the most enticing meal you’ve ever seen? !!!

Thin sliced choice beef that cooks in seconds, tons of veggies, tofu, rice with soy sauce, ponzu sauce with 3 hot drops, peanut sauce with 3 hot drops, and hot water. This list of ingredients is for shabu shabu, japanese hot pot. It’s one of my favorite meals and a wonderful place just opened with the best service and the most amazing meat. It’s called. CA Shabu Shabu and you can read my Yelp review on it here. Shabu shabu is basically a boiling pot of water, and you make your own soup with all the ingredients in front of you. After you cook and eat the meat, you are left with the most amazing soup to warm your tummy!

sigh. i had this twice already in the last 2 weeks…but i want some now that i’m making this post!

February 18

Last night, my friends and I went to Andrei’s in Irvine for our friend’s birthday. Since it’s been so hot here in SoCal lately, I decided to bring out the coral sheer dress I picked up on sale at H&M awhile back and match it with my Betsy Johnson shoes. The accessories just came in at the last minute and it totally made the look! Pink and silver is so spring-like and fun to wear!!

I love love love these Betsy Johnson shoes. They are so high, but if I’m going to a dinner where I don’t have to walk more than 10 minutes, I’ll rock it! I started the shoot by myself with a timer, but my brother woke up from his nap and took the rest before he left for school. Thanks Toan!

H&M sheer coral dress, Martin & Osa beige cardigan, H&M silver belt, Betsy Johnson peep-toe heels

Accessories: Forever 21 bracelet, Target silver hair clip, H&M drop pearl earrings

I didn’t even need the cardigan, it’s so beautiful outside. However, for dinner, its the perfect light thing to wear. The dress is kind of bubbly and so comfortable!

I tend to take my hair in and out of hair ties and clips all day long. When it’s tied up too long, I get headaches, so having a cute hair clip that can also act as a brooch is the perfect way to not loose them in your purse!

I thought about wearing different colored belts that contrast a bit more, but this one needs another hole punched into it. It’s meant to be a pants belt, but I will have to punch more holes to make it hold at a higher level.

and this is just a throw in. Michelle gave me these beads to celebrate Fat Tuesday!
we wore them for dinner, but the pics don’t reflect that very well!

February 16

I am in love with this designer, Alexander Wang. He opened for the New York fashion week, but I haven’t had the chance to see the pics yet. However, I’ve seen pieces of his collection that I want in my closet ASAP. This piece is from the Spring 09 collection and you know my affinity towards well fitted white dresses. This goddess jersey dress has to be in my closet!!!!!!