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January 31

Ooooh, what a way to end the month of January! Yelp Elite hosted an event at Zimzala in Huntington Beach this weekend, and it was an all white party! Everyone came dressed to impress, and we were no exception. My two girls and I showed up all in white dresses, but I had some trouble deciding which dress to wear. I did outfit shots for both to help me decide. I always do a dry run before going out somewhere special, but with the outfit shots, you know how you’ll look on camera when you are at the event! I settled on the silk flowy dress over the Alice in Wonderland number, put on some flat gold ballet flats and jetted out the door!

The event was laid back and pretty chill. It was a perfect event to go to on a sunny Sat afternoon. Three Olives hooked us up with unlimited vodka [i got grapefruit juice with mine], and stuffed myself with chicken wings, hummus, and pretzels from Zimzala. The chicken wings were delish although it was the worse thing to feed people dressed in all white. I am so impressed with myself for not getting anything on my dress [i forgot my Tide pen].

Here are the outfit shots and some from the Yelp Elite event with Michelle and Tam.

these are from the professional there: Roo Smith

outfit shots taken by my little bro Tim

equipe silk dress, nine west gold ballet flats, forever 21 owl necklace

owl necklace from forever 21

a few more from the Yelp Elite event at Zimzala…

January 29

I raid my mum’s closet every so often. I know its the same things because she wears basically two outfits now, and all her amazing outfits are in plastic wrap and stored in the extra closet. Since I look identical to her, and I love the throwback looks, I like to mosey on over and see what I can come up with.

I’ve worn this sweater before and I love it. It’s one of the few fitted sweaters my mum got when she was my age. This piece is at least 30 years old, isn’t that crazy?! My grandmother’s sister [great aunt?] knits and crochets everything and she made tons of sweaters for my mum growing up. When i was little, I got tons of itty bitty things made for me as well. I love that there is history and loving care to this little piece of clothing, and when I get compliments for it now, it warms my heart. The left sleeve is starting to unravel, and I’m not quite sure what to do about that except to be careful to not snag myself on anything.

I paired this with my favorite skinny white jeans by Club Monaco. The glasses I found on my brother’s desk so I just used them for the shoot. I don’t fit me too well, but they matched the colors and it was a beautiful bright day outside.

homemade sweater, club monaco jeans, bro’s random cheap glasses

a closer look at the front. different colored ribbons are interlaced into the crochet.such skill…

January 26

Last night, I went to Josie’s Restaurant for Dine LA week. Since it as dark and I ate like a mofo, I didn’t think it was conducive to any good outfit shots. This is what I wore last night, so I’m just recreating it today for the shoot. I had a salmon at Josie that’s to die for. The crispy outside and the fluffy inside was absolutely amazing. The mashed potatoes were creamy and vegetables flavorful. I didn’t take any good pics because I was stuffing my face.

I just picked up the lace skirt at the Banana Republic outlet for $20 bucks.
I paired it with my trusty bodysuit and it was a go.

i love backless shirts and dresses. it makes me feel so sexy

The coat is an H&M steal I found last year. I’ve been looking for a coat like this since I was in Europe. Nothing clicked so I patiently waited until the right one came along. The quality and cut of the coat is super nice and simple. It’s really heavy though, so for days like this dreadful rain, it’s a lifesaver. The colorful scarf is my favorite one of all from the Limited.

banana republic lace skirt, american apparel bodysuit, H&M coat, the limited scarf, dsw shoes
January 23

A beautiful sunny Saturday!! After a week’s worth of rain, we have a sunny day! It feels like a century has passed. That’s really sad that it’s only been a week and we think the world has ended with OC flooding.

Right after I set up my new chairs, it poured so I only got 2 days worth of sitting out there. The great thing, however, is that it saved me a gross cleaning job on the floors and pigeon poo. The wind and water did it all for me, so i just swept the dust after, and we’re good to go!

This morning, I made some Vietnamese coffee, grabbed a banana, and sat outside to watch the last episodes of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. [sad sad face =/ ] It was a pretty awesome morning so I’m going to end this post with pictures of my new balcony finally.

Happy Saturday!

January 23

target rainboots, armani exchange sweaterdress, no brand tights, bloomingdales umbrella

I haven’t done an outfit post in awhile, mostly because of the rain, and because I’m just too lazy to set up my tripod. For some reason, this is the one time I like other people taking the pictures. I think the disinterest of my brothers coupled with the constant snapping lead to great outfit shots. I’m not as “posey” because while I’m getting ready for it, they are already snapping.

It’s been an insanely rainy week in Orange County so I hunted around my house for these 5 year old rainboots. I got them at Target a long time ago for a particularly rainy season when I was at UCLA, but that lasted about a day. They were insanely cheap…i think $15 bucks, so I figured they would be put to good use. I haven’t worn them since. This week, they have been a lifesaver. The school parking lot was flooded, everyplace was wet and slippery, and everyone was complaining about wet shoes. Well, these rainboots are getting their use and they look so cute with warm outfits! I love pairing it with tights because they don’t bunch, and I get to wear the thick fluffy socks too!

Today was such a fun day, I have to tell you about it. My law school girlfriends met up for lunch at Van’s for some delicious banh xeo, then got nuoc mia [sugarcane drink] at Vien Tay, then off to Boiling Crab to celebrate our friend Johnny’s bday. After a 5 hour lunch session, the girls stopped by South Coast to look at suits at Benetton. I have quite a few suits from here and they fit to PERFECTION. Everytime I take a friend here, they come out with a new suit for under $200 bucks! I didn’t plan on getting anything, but I walked out with a brown pencil skirt and vest to match. I can’t wait to put it together with some brown boots and maybe a cigar to match!

January 19

We went to Santa Barbara for the weekend to wine taste. I’ve never been there before but I want to go back! The downtown area was so cute and I wanted to walk around, but there wasn’t enough time. I’ll have to make a trip just for that. For wine tasting, we rented a limo for the day, and spent the night in a gorgeous house with all the amenities. We made food at home, and brought picnic lunches. How smart were we?!

Here are my favorite images of the trip… cheers!

the mandatory limo ceiling shot

michelle was waiting for the limo to arrive, Cava in hand

what i bought at Gainey
in the Gainey tasting room
bah! I’m so angry that I did not frame myself into this pic
love this shot!

buying my first and only bottle of the weekend!
This Estate Grenache was served at the White House dinner party for President Obama!
cute things outside beckmen winery

bisou bisou

yummy dessert


we look like sistas from another motha

mandatory vineyard shot!

oak barrel climbing fail

caprese a la chef michelle…or in french, millefeuille de tomates

ended the night with Catch Phrase and Cranium
January 14

voulez vous allez avec moi a la creperie? mais oui oui!

This last weekend, we had our monthly date with Gina, our high school teacher who taught me everything I know about traveling. Gina took me and my best friends to France in our high school senior year, and we 4 have remained in touch since then. It’s so crazy to think that it is 2010 now, and our 10 year high school reunion is this year! So much time has past and we have gone to so many places!!!!!!!!!!

This time, we mostly discussed my upcoming bar trip with Kat. I’m so happy to hear that Gina wants to join us if she is able to get away from school. She was so interested in going to Vietnam with me that it got me even more excited!!!

After the creperie, Kat and I spent the later half of the afternoon lounging on my balcony researching Eastern Europe, the second portion of bar trip. We did Southeast Asia a few months back, and it is all starting to take shape. The total duration of this trip will be 3 months approx with diff people joining us for different parts of the way.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a pic of my Romeo & Juliet sweet crepe. Doesn’t it look fantastic? With nutella, strawberries, bananas, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream, how can it not taste fantastic?

January 12

le love