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September 26

There are some of the best images of the floods in the southeast part of America, mostly Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. I have friends in Atlanta, and I hope that none of this affects them. The images are insane, and they tell you much more than just the depth of the water, they tell stories. Flooding in the Southeast

There is also a dust storm in Australia right now. I also have friends that live there, and again, I hope they are safe. Dust storm in Australia

September 25
Tonight, we dined in. Michelle made wonderful hot pot, and we just devoured it. It was Tam’s birthday and we wanted to surprise her with a cake. Tam hates birthdays so we made it like a normal dinner…until the cake came out.

the hot pot table

hustle bustle of hot pot

lighting the candles secretly before surprising tam

we got her reaction on video [hence no pic] but we hope she likes the cake!
September 24
Almost six years later I am looking back on everything we have been through.
I have never been so comfortable with anybody in my life.
You know all of me,
and I know all of you.
The other night you said to me, “You look so grown up”
and I almost cried simply because of the fact that you have loved me long enough to notice something like that.
We have had our share of hard times,
but that is to be expected when you are young and in love.
It is amazing that we are still together,
considering how young we are,
and this proves to me that something just clicks between us.
I feel secure,
I feel happy,
I trust you,
and I love you with all of my heart.

Le Love

September 22

This week was restaurant week in OC. Since it’s gotten so popular, they extended it for another week so i may advantage of that. A bunch of $20 dinners and fine wine all week = yumminess if you pick the right places. Our favorites are Xanh, Old Vine, and Kimera. We hated Sundried Tomato Cafe. However, since I wasn’t stuffing my face with food, I had time to take pictures. Here are some from Charlie Palmer @ Bloomingdales and Sundried Tomato.

This bottle of champagne was the highlight of the night. Isn’t it just so pretty? My friend brought it to the restaurant, and it was delicious. I took a picture, but I also took the empty bottle home.

charlie palmer happy hour

yelpers @ sundried tomato cafe in laguna

rhett’s signature look

bleh, i hate blurry pics, but I hate night shots with flash even more, so this will have to do

September 16

We had a very interesting day at the zoo. Khoa stopped at the giraffes to draw, and we went on to discover the other animals since we haven’t been here in ages.

Bamboo trees that had writings all over.
Tien looks weird because she’s reading the messages on the stems.
Harold and Kumar flashback

Being monkeys and Horton hears a whoooo!

Elephant Odyssey

We couldn’t resist. Johnny had to do it.
Tien is special.

Being FOBs.

I couldn’t get a pic of the panda. He was sleeping. ^_^ So I took a pic of my own pooh bear panda inside the exhibit. He’s in his habitat!


Next year, I’ll ride a real elephant tusk in SE Asia! …

“give me sexy” was the theme of this trip.

September 15

Mount Soledad has a gorgeous view of San Diego. I like this vista point because there is a lot of controversy with the white cross and the war memorial [church and state]. We were there to enjoy the view amidst this controversy, enjoy some Better Buzz coffee, people watch…and take jumping pictures.

September 15

We spent the weekend in San Diego and Tien had my camera. She said “give me sexy!” and this is what Chris started. We kept the theme going for the rest of the weekend.

bella bleu shirtdress, blue asphalt denim jean shorts
bella bleu orange skirt, the limited blouse
September 11
Nothing makes me happier than a GREAT cup of coffee in the morning.