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I haven’t been to SF in a few years, and this was an opportunity to see so many people I haven’t seen in a long time…all in one place! My law school best friend graduated and moved back home to SF, my cousin flew down from Seattle to join in the festivities, my friend from ATL made the trip as well, and even a long time friend from Taiwan flew out on pure coincidence! The trip was amazing, and the blogs below are memories from it!
oh, and this was the song of the trip. It was played a million times, and we got addicted to it. Bom Bom Pow by Black Eyed Peas.

the best cafe au lait ever in a bowl
did the French jack our style?
@ Le Garage in Salsalito…lunch on the waterfront
overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in Salsalito
god, the wind

We squeezed in the Museum of Modern Art [MOMA] into the last part of the day on Sunday. In two hours, we managed to go through all the floors, and take tons of interesting pictures.

Vitruvian man
The exhibit is the blue horn. It just so happened that this father daughter team was standing there, and their outfits were perfect for the pic. The whiteness of the walls and natural lighting make this a perfect shot. This pic reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We tried a million poses with this statue, and they look so stupid. This is the only one that made the cut.
This is also a random pic I happened to catch. The wind was strong and her hair was going in all sorts of directions. I snapped it on a semi fast shutter, and it looks so cool. Classic SF weather: wind.
Classic Me: reviewing pics while planning dinner

May 31

The CA Academy of Sciences Museum has been a museum we have been wanting to go to for some time now. It was remodeled in 2008 and we has to include this museum into our trip. The museum boasts a live growing rooftop terrace, a South American rainforest that you can walk through, a new aquarium with over 3000 species of fish, and of course, the planetarium. We saw the penguin feeding [sooo cute], the coral reef dive with the diver feeding the fish at the end, and the planetarium show.

Rooftop Terrace


I heart oysters. Well washed, well iced oysters. I do not understand the horseradish and crap. Lemon and tabasco are all you need. We went to Waterbar on the Embarcadero and finished off 60 oysters between 7 people. They were only $1 each during happy hour!

The last 24 oysters
Sharing the love. The aphrodisiac must be kickin in.
Good times with good friends


The Palace of Fine Arts was built for the Panama – Pacific Exposition in 1915. We went there after the museum to take pictures. Since it looks like old Europe, there were a lot of couples taking engagement / wedding pictures. Some of them were super tacky although the scenery is beautiful. Well, since we also had my awesome G10, we had to take pics of ourselves! This is our interpretation of the Palace of Fine Arts…isn’t it so much more interesting than the boring wedding photos?

Goofball monkeys
There is absolutely no reason why we did YMCA. It just fit with the number of people.

Mi Ryung’s prancing jump is fantastic

Climbing on old buildings…there was wood covering up the holes in the steps up.
Kind of scary but the pic paid off.

Lildo jumps higher than me.
Element skinny jeans, Club Monaco white tee, Martin & Osa sweater, The Limited scarf, Aldo ballet flats

Crazy Tien. I do, however, take credit for taking this photo framing!
Yes, we are family
May 22
EOS Winery is amazing. The grounds are beautiful and ideal for picture taking. The wines there are also impressive. One of my favorites is the Reserve Pinot Noir, and my friend bought about a case of everything else.

The vineyard
Must have had a little too much to drink

May 22

Ragged Point near Cambria is also beautiful. It is much more developed now, but the small coastal town still tries to maintain the natural feeling of the natural coast.

Being retards while other people are taking photography seriously.

May 22
A very good red, indeed. Roar.
I loved Nepenthe. It’s one of my favorite spots on the Central Coast.
We drove up from Moonstone Beach for lunch and it was one of the best lunches ever.
The photo ops were also lots of fun!
I love the colors of these pillows.
kat taking a pic of me taking a pic.
We also stopped in Cayucas and Morro Bay to see the otters and Morro Bay Rock

… and to feed the random squirrels