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May 23

I just wanted to tell everyone that my absolute favorite Thai restaurant is reopened on Beach and Chapman. It’s the best Thai food in the world and needs word of mouth help to spread the word. It’s back in business!

The restaurant was unfortunately burned down a few months back and we were all very sad for Sam the owner, who’s worked so hard to finally be sole owner of Thainakorn.

But now Sam has 2 restaurants in the making, one already open on Beach and Chapman … and one on the way on Garden Grove and Harbor.

May 10

So I´m alive. And bitten raw from mosquitos. I think i have Deet poisoning, I used so much. But i´m utterly happy and excited from what i have accomplished in the last 2 weeks.

We had the most AMAZING experience in the Amazon region. We had a speed boat into the Amazon river and rainforest, saw monkeys, all kinds of weird animals, and even an ANACONDA!! We took a picture with it as you can see above. That thing was F***ing heavy too and one of the scariest animals I’ve ever seen.

Then our “guide” took us trekking in the forest with just a machete to clear the way, and tricked us to fall in the wonderfully infested orifice fish water. We also went canoeing and birdwatching, visited the indigenous tribes who taught us to shoot darts from a looooooong tube to kill whatever the heck its supposed to kill. One of the most amazing places in the Peruvian Amazon, however, was Isle de Los Moneies (Island of the Monkeys). It’s a haven for orphaned monkeys of the Amazon, run by some biologist and anthropologist, and is one of the best places to see, touch, hear, and hold monekeys.

The monkeys go crazy all over us. They’re completely social and energetic, and the babies are SOOOOO AMAZING. I want a wolly monkey as a pet. It sat in my arms like a baby and I could not let it go….until it started to poop. =) One of the monkeys was a little kookoo in the head and was just going nuts. One of the pics above is the three of us posing for a pic, and the damn monkey is dangling above trying to steal my hat. It succeeded. The moment the pic was taken, he ran off with it. Then, he tried to hump my friend Carmen in the face while she was trying to feed it. Kat and I nearly peed in our pants laughing. Literally. Humping. We couldn’t even help her, even our guide. Just rolling on the floor laughing. Got the BEST pic of that as well.

We also had somecrazy bird experiences…a macaw drank out of our beer glass and then chased Carmen off her hammock and screeched at her until she ran away. (one of those great moments u had to see and be there for).

We also had the best fish cooked fresh right after the catch and then went hiking. We had no reception on our phones because there was NO ELECTRICTY whatsoever in the lodge. We stayed in bungalows with oil lamps, met some other travellers and shared stories of our travels. Can´t believe I´ve only been here 7 days and did so much.

Then we went to Huacachina to the sand desert and go sand surfing. Its crazy because one day, i´m in a jungle in 100 degree humidity, the next day be in a beautiful coastal town like California, then in the desert, then in the mountains of Macchu Picchu. We rode dune buggies (the most amazing roller coaster ever) and then sand boarded down HUGE sand dunes. The highest one was 200 meters and I won the race to go the fastest and farthest on my sandboard. I almost ran over my group on the way down, i was going so fast! That was the highlight of my trip.

Then we got to Cusco and hopped on a train to Machu Picchu. If you ever get a chance to see this place…GO. Its absolutely amazing. I can´t believe the Incas were able to build something like this and its just a wonderful experience and sight to see. It´s on the list as a candidate to be one of the 7 new wonders of the world as well. We did a one day hike up but many others would go on the Inca Trail itself and get acclimated to the high altitude.

The coolest thing so far at this altitude, is a drink called the coca tea mate. This drink helps you get acclimated to the altitude and helps with sicknesses. Get this: It is also the plant that cocaine is made of. However, it’s not illegal here at all because it isn’t processed, but still in its original herbal form. Everyone drinks it like chai here and it tastes amazing. Soothing like green tea but better. However, I dont know how US customs would feel if i brought some of these leaves home. Does that mean I’m a crack addict now?

In Cusco, we also went paragliding over Sacred Valley. Our pilot Richard was this hippie surfer dude from Orange County, went to OCC, then graduated from UCLA. Small world huh? He was amazing and we also had a professional flyer/photographer fly with us. Our other flyer is Oliver, French extreme sports fanatic and has travelled all over the world doing all kinds of flying…paragliding, kite surfing, skydiving, everything. These are the people that you can meet in travelling, how else can you do that? So many interesting people you neet when u travel.

Afterwards, we all sat around having a picnic and then drove back to Cusco. We sat outside the Plaza des Armas for awhile, shootin the breeze and guessing where the other travellers are from. The only thing I regret about this excursion was that we forgot to take a group picture! I NEVER forget to take group pictures! Boo on me.

We are heading to Bolivia next but this is the last leg of our travel in South America. However, this part will not be as interesting or fulfilling since our friend Carmen’s father passed away and she had to fly home right after Machu Picchu. We’ll miss u Carmen!

Off to Lake Titicaca…..